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all-nba first team features curry, james and harden who are also available in nba 2k15

Date: 5/22/2015 3:47:42 PM


nba announced the 2014-15 all-nba team, with warriors’ stephen curry and cleveland's lebron james in the first team.


the first team has stephen curry (129 first-place votes, 645 coins), lebron james (129 first-place votes, 645 coins), rockets’

james harden (125 first-place votes, 637 coins), pelican’s anthony davis (119 first-place votes, 625 coins) and grizzlies’

marc gasol (65 first-place votes, 453 coins).


james makes his 9th appearance in the first team. kobe bryant and karl malone have been voted to the first team for 11 times, the

most in history. and it’s the first time that gasol and davis are named to the first team.



the second and third teams are also announced


the second team consists of trail blazers’ lamarcus aldridge (13 first-place votes, 390 coins), kings’ demarcus cousins (18

first-place votes), bulls’ pau gasol (15 first-place votes, 242 coins), thunder’s russell westbrook (10 first-place votes, 397

coins) and clippers’ chris paul (1 first-place votes, 335 coins).


and the third team features clippers’ blake griffin (2 first-place votes, 189 coins), spurs’ tim duncan (6 first-place votes,

167 coins), clippers’ deandre jordan (12 first-place votes, 175 coins), warriors’ klay thompson (0 first-place vote, 122

coins) and knight’s carey owen (0 first-place vote, 112 coins).


westbrook is named to the second team for the fourth time. the 38 years old duncan is the second oldest player to be selected to

the second team, with abdul-jabbar being the oldest. he was 7 days older than duncan is when he was elected to the team. he is on

the list for the 15th time and has tied the record set by kobe bryant and abdul-jabbar.


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