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nba live mobile guide: how to guide for moves

Date: 1/25/2017 10:23:51 AM

to do the spin move just tap the "drive" button. you can time to perfectly to get by your defender quicker. all about momentum with mastering the spin move. once you see the defender moving towards you, activate the spin and should be either a easy mid-range jumper or dunk/lay-up.


hesitation move:

to pull off the hesitation, just stay stationary and press the "drive" button once, your dribbler will create space for a jumper. remember to have a good ball handler for this. pg/sg/sf is the best positions to pull this move off. 


behind the back:

pretty hard to pull-off, but you can. just move down the court and quickly change directions to perform and "behind the back" 

p.s. not effective as spin move


spin lay-up:

just double tap "drive" like you would for a spin move, and after you complete the spin move press "shoot" for an attempt at a spin lay-up.


post game:

since this is a arcade like basketball game, to pull off a post fade-away/hookshot, just drive in with another(obviously pf/c are prefered, kobe/jordan exceptions) just have your back to the basket and press "shoot"

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