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nba live mobile team guide: how to choose cheap two-way players

Date: 1/30/2017 10:25:24 AM

in nba live mobile, players in different teams have a variety of choices, how to choose a reasonable player to become the characteristics of this game. in the two-way team, check out's nba live mobile team guide.

nba live mobile two-way team

cheap two-way team

pg: 85 ovr kyle lowry

sg: 87 ovr tyreke evans '10

sf: 86 ovr carmelo anthony

pf: 83 ovr lamarcus aldridge

c: 84 ovr hassan whiteside

+2 pas and +2 def

kyle lowry got great speed and dribbling there, the only problem is his shooting is not very good. but definately a great player. 88 shooting touch, 3s are money. 80 clutch is nice, 89 pass accuracy is good.

so far this is my favorite card to play with. it represents melo so well, because carmelo anthony is not overly dominant at anything, but well balanced. not the fastest, or quickest, but a force to be reckoned with driving the lane. surprisingly effective on defense, has a great reach for knocking the ball loose. i've been playing him at pg and he's been a treat.

aldridge have good rebounder and clutch.

who would have known hassan whiteside would be such an amazing rebounder and shot blocker! great card for anyone needing stability from the center position. by the way, is waiting for you to buy nba live mobile coins. use coupon "2k17" can enjoy a 5% discount.

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