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nba live mobile totw 15 tips: team of the week 15 isaiah thomas

Date: 2/8/2017 10:55:35 AM

thomas led the celtics last week, led the four-game winning streak, and winning streak to seven games, he averaged last week's league can get the highest 37.8 coins, shooting 49.4%, in addition to averaging 6.8 assists recorded. totw is headlined by 92 ovr isaiah thomas which is available in packs for 48 hours. if you are new to totw program, check out our news post that breaks down exactly how it works.

nba live mobile totw 15

here is your week 15 totw:

92 ovr isaiah thomas (shooting lineup; pg)

91 ovr andre drummond (big man lineup; c)

83 ovr ryan anderson (two-way lineup; pf)

81 ovr robert covington (defensive lineup; sf)

80 ovr allen crabbe (small ball lineup; sg)

will you be adding any of these players to your lineup?

thomas's in shooting, +2 from the lineup boost, +2 from harden, will give him 90 3pt stats. 97 clutch. finally some love for mr fourth quarter. plus that 95 shooting touch! the little guy puts the ball over anybody and sinks it in real life and finally in the game. he's literally like the allen iverson  legend card but doesn't get blocked as much for some reason and plays pg and shorter.


andre drummond 92 shot block, 91 defense, i would use him to block my opponents shots. a good center in big man line up other than mutombo !  looking like a beast. need more steal tho, averaging more steals than blocks.

we do need need new pf in this line up,but c'mon ea this is too low for ryan anderson.

robert covington. his silver cards don't have anywhere close to 77 defense, 72 dribbling or 78 shot streak. his silver cards are better.

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