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how to for dunk in nba live mobile

Date: 2/14/2017 10:56:27 AM

in any nba video games, dunk is always not only an exciting way to score but also refreshing to watch. there are a variety of different ways to have different dunks. how do we dunk in nba live mobile? how should we choose the dunk style for different players? learn how to dunk on nba live mobile with

nba live mobile dunk player

nba live mobile guide: how to for dunk 

when first introduced with "the charging circle" plenty of people thought it was a gimmick that hindered defensive players. now that fringe gimmick is one of the most useful tools when gauging where to attempt a dunk from. i discovered how useful this marker was when throwing layups around in the dunk drill. if you take off too far in front of the dunk circle your player will either stop driving and shoot or perform a layup in lieu of a dunk. if you move past the dunk circle, similar results occur as your player will most likely attempt a lay-up.

nba live mobile dunk

dunk rating and dunk vs layup frequency high player

1. one step in front of the restricted area dunk circle is the best launch zone.

2. swipe & shoot is the best way to dunk while driving.

3. master forcing turnovers and creating fast breaks off of them for easy dunks.

4. taking the baseline is extremely effective when defenders are in the paint.

5. andrew wiggins is not just great because he's canadian, he can dunk well too.

6. don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk.

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