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nba 2k19 mycareer mode tips - how to win and progress quickly in career mode?

Date: 9/16/2018 11:36:12 AM

here's our nba 2k19 mycareer mode guide: learn how to progress quickly on this game mode.


nba 2k19 mycareer is one of the strengths of the franchise for almost a decade, thanks to its realism but also its lifetime. however, changes to the vc system sometimes force players to play long hours only to advance their character. that's why we offer some tips to progress faster in this mode of play.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode tips


on your career choices

 try to optimize your character (see our nba 2k19 optimization tutorial) including archetypes (see our guide to the nba 2k19 best archetypes by position) to get a player with great potential from the beginning of his career.

 we recommend you to play the prelude since a priori, the quality of the contracts is higher if you participated in the prelude games. in addition, you can now skip the cut scenes if you are on a second character.

 after the end of the prelude, you will have the opportunity to choose your first nba team. opt for a training that is important to your position rather than having to stay on the bench for a whole season. for this, you can consult our nba club needs table by position.

 note that the previous point is very important since if a club already has a star in your position, its interest for your player will be very limited and the proposed contract will be very low (in terms of salary). if you absolutely want to play for your favorite nba team, try choosing the position that best suits your needs.

 try to save your points earned: improving the key points of your character must be your priority, well before buying ten pairs of shoes.


at the party level

 the most important thing in your progress is the team score. indeed, your statistics can be solid but if your overall score is bad, you will generate few points, which will limit your progress.

 do not focus on the points scored. your team score increases little when you score points. on the other hand, each time you force a shot or an offensive action, you risk seeing your score deteriorate sharply.

 conversely, concentrate on the management of the ball: make passes, seek to recover the lost balls, to play the rebound, and especially to defend. these elements often considered as "minor" when you are an all-star will be your main assets to improve your team score early in your career.

 whatever your position, try to improve quickly on free throws. they represent a fairly simple source of points and can help you in your team score.

 train yourself! between each game you have the opportunity to practice (in the room of your team) on 4 specific movements (3 + 1 using the gatorade stand), which will allow you to recover points to unlock your badges quickly.

 be patient, the interest of career mode is to progress linearly throughout the season. if you do not hold after 20 games, no problem!

 at the beginning of your career, you are not the star of your team! at least as long as you're not above 80 ovr, do not try to force shots and unnecessary actions. take only free shots, without dispute.


by following these different tips, you should quickly obtain a position of titular within your team and progress on the level of your attributes and therefore your overall score. if nba 2k19 mycareer mode of is sometimes a little frustrating (as on previous editions the franchise of 2k), remember that it is in the long term that your character must evolve and that you will surely have a season complete in order to really become a good player.

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