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nba 2k19 vc tips-what is nba 2k19 vc and how to earn it?

Date: 9/15/2018 3:47:48 PM

nba 2k19 is a basketball simulation game belongs to nba 2k series that was released on september 11, 2018, for pc, switch, ps4 and xbox one. have you started to play the game? in the game, vc, which means virtual currency can be spent for obtaining various digital contents of this game and help you to upgrade your player and build an unbeatable team against other players. then how to earn vc fast and how it works in the game?

for the first question, there are several ways to get vc for old and new players. the first solution is free, it needs you to play online matches through the my career mode of the game with the internet-connected. or you can also play on the mobile app mynba2k19 to earn vc, no matter is the ios or android. absolutely, the fastest way is to use real money to buy nba 2k19 vc, it's easy and quick, and suitable for players who don't have much time for playing the game and also want to get a wonderful game experience. this method can greatly speed up the game process and supply an easier way to win the game. and  here are some prices for the virtual currency:

5000 vc-$1.99

15000 vc-$4.99

35000 vc-$9.99

75000 vc-$19.99

200000 vc-49.99


then how vc works in the game? if you are new to the nba 2k series game or nba 2k19, the vc will play a great role in your game. one of the uses of vc is to upgrade your player in the my career mode, in the new storyline of mycareer mode, you can grow step by step and become a superstar player finally through upgrading your basketball skills with vc. another function of nba 2k19 is to buy packs in the myteam mode, from the myteam market, you can use vc to purchase packs and obtain random chances for getting some players or other items.


one point you need to note is the internet must be connected for earning vc. this is a tip about what is nba 2k19 vc and how to earn it, more nba 2k19 news or strategies, please head over to or, a large amount of nba 2k mt with cheap price is on hot sale, welcome to visit.

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