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nba 2k 19 all-star game 2019 guide & 5 new things in all-star team update

Date: 2/13/2019 11:08:17 AM

the 2019 nba all-star game is coming this week, and the full squad rosters of nba all-star teams are live in 2k19, who are you running with? what are the new features or interesting things with the new all-star team update? here we will bring the confirmed nba 2k19 all-star teams and 5 things you can experience in the game.


where and when will the nba all-star game be held in 2019?

the 2019 nba all-star game will be played on february 17, 2019, in charlotte, north carolina. and the 2019 all-star weekend will kick off on thursday, february 14, 2019

nba 2k 19 all-star game team confirmed lineup rosters 

team lebron (coach - michael malone)


kevin durant 

james harden 

kyrie irving  

kawhi leonard


lamarcus aldridge

bradley beal

anthony davis 

damian lillard

ben simmons

klay thompson

karl-anthony towns

dwyane wade

team giannis (coach - mike budenholzer)


stephen curry

joel embiid

paul george

kemba walker


blake griffin

nikola jokic

kyle lowry

khris middleton

dirk nowitzki

d’angelo russell

nikola vucevic

russell westbrook

- victor oladipo was unable to play due to a knee injury

5 new things you should notice in nba 2k 19 all-star team update

1. the first new thing added to nba 2k19 all-star update is the brand new lineup, team giannis and team lebron and official eastern and western conference all-stars team.

2. the next thing they added is obviously the jerseys, there are the real ones will be used in actual all-star matches, the team lebron will wear black jerseys and also have red white and blue outlines, there are stars on the side and big number with the name on it. they add like the patch or the badge or symbol of the charlotte all-star game, it looks like a crown kind of with a basketball on top of diamond, the nba logo in the middle of a star with the honeycomb pattern because they are in charlotte, in addition, they also added the jordan logo right on the side.

3. then let's talk about the court, it's actually not as simple as you first think, a comb pattern all over the paint which is actually pretty nice and it's also throwback of how the hornets used to have their court back and it also spreads out that honeycomb pattern on the actual hardwood, the new logo right there on the middle of the court it's an ok logo, no special here.

4. another interesting detail was the ball, it is specifically designed for the all-star game, with the nba logo on the middle, adam silver's signature on the right, they also have six stars on the bottom and the ball is a little brighter than most balls in this game.

5. the last feature is the coaches. dwane casey is not the coach for team giannis it's actually mike budenholzer so they need to update that. all-star jerseys and courts are available now in nba 2k19!

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