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nba 2k19 shooting tips - how to make every shot in nba 2k19 myteam

Date: 2/13/2019 10:47:23 AM

nba 2k19 game has proved so popular to people, not only you can use nba 2k19 mt coins to buy players or cards which help you gain better in-game experience, but also you can use your personal nba 2k19 skills to win more matches. but recently, a lot of players have been complaining about missing catch and shoot shots being open in nba 2k19 reddit, as in any ball game, shooting skills is very important. so here bring you some nba 2k19 shooting tips and will detail you how to make 99% of your shots.

how to make every shot in nba 2k19 myteam

determine the shot placement in nba 2k19 myteam 

that obviously takes smart shots but if your defender is on the side of you or behind you, it is considered open which is how it is in real life props out to nba 2k19 for implementing that into the game. so if someone is on your side if they are trailing you if you're going for a fade and if they're behind you, shoot it! it's probably gonna go in because the game assumes you are open which you technically are.

setting your feet 

when you are getting open for a shot, you're most likely hitting turbo, but to set your feet you're gonna let go of turbo. so when you are running and you are holding turbo, and defenders coming to contest it, you do not want to rush your shot, it will be a miss or you will shoot a fade, and if you're not up here, you will miss a hundred percent probably actually you will miss, so what you're gonna want to do is you're gonna set your feet. by setting your feet, you’re completely gonna let go of the turbo and the left stick, as soon as you get to that little inch of space you need especially you are a sharp or a stretch, let go of the turbo and let go of the left stick to set your feet and then shoot it. it will make way more shots with your feet set in nba 2k19 myteam.

setting your feet

how to do a catch and shoot in nba 2k19 myteam

this is very new to nba 2k19 game, it was never like this in any of the previous myteam, and a lot of people have been missing wide-open catch and shoot shots. when you are wide open, you're like this person and you are hyped and you're already holding down square x, ready to shoot cuz you know you're gonna get the ball and you know as soon as you get it you're gonna shoot that person. so you're already holding down the button, basically this year you cannot do that, you have to pause.

how to do a catch and shoot in nba 2k19 myteam

check the nba 2k19 shooting tips video:

hope you will shoot better using these nba 2k19 shooting skills. and if you have any demand of buying nba 2k19 mt coins, here always provides cheap nba 2k19 my team coins!

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