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nba 2k19 mycareer mode point guard build tips - how to create & build best pg for myplayer

Date: 2/26/2019 5:47:08 PM

you start in the nba 2k19 mycareer mode and do not know how to build your player to the best point guard (pg), do not panic we explain everything with three combo archetypes, covering badges, recommended size, wingspan, strengths and weaknesses!


the point guard position is the preferred position of the majority of players (especially new players) of nba 2k. rightly, it allows you to organize the game, hold the ball and often be an outstanding striker. the current nba grows as a leader in exceptional diversity. in recent years, many point guards dominate this sport by adopting each a style of play peculiar to itself. so ready to lead your franchise to victory? follow the guide to get know how to build the best point guard in nba 2k19 my career mode! also you can check out build guide for center on nba 2k19 mycareer mode best center builds & tips.


best nba 2k19 point guard builds & myplayer create tips for pg

to help you, here are three combo archetypes to create the point guard of your dreams. for more tips for archetypes, you can read our nba 2k19 best archetypes & builds for each position (pg, sg, sf, pf, c)

pass and dribble / pass and dribble

badge: altruist (amethyst), ankle breaker (amethyst), pick & roll pro (amethyst), lob city amethyst, amethyst, amethyst, amethyst counterattack, amethyst counterattack, expert of the free throw (gold).

recommended size and wingspan: 1.83m in height and 1.85 in wingspan.


with this combo of archetype you are the maestro par excellence. as a true conductor, you dictate the course of the game and the tempo of the game. with a game vision well above average, you have the choice of play of your team. it's up to you to see if it's better to play fast forward, by using lightning counter-attacks or if you prefer to make your team a reference in terms of attack placed in half-court. but your game does not stop there, if you are not an expert, you have a dribble good enough to hurt some defenders. add to that a correct half-distance shot, you're armed offensively to respond to many situations.


defensively you are quite limited. not bad, but far from being an expert, the defensive game here focuses on interceptions, read the passing lines and anticipate adverse decisions. beyond that, your ability to defend is reduced. but in attack, shooting from the outside line is not part of your strength. indeed, three-point shoots are often complicated to enter.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode point guard build tips - chris paul

you look like chris paul, leader of the team to the best record of the league (65v-17d), the number 3 houston rockets is one of the best smugglers in the history of the sport. with almost 10 assists on average throughout his career, cp3 is an example of regularity and cleanliness at the leads.


3-point shot / pass and dribble

badge: coin specialist (gold), catch and shoot (gold), deep sniper (gold), infinite scope (gold), untiring marker (gold), catch & shoot (gold), free throw expert (gold), quick reflexes (gold).

recommended size and wingspan: 1.86m in height and 1.93m in wingspan.


with this combo of archetypes, the goal is simple: shoot at will, especially from the three-point line. you are a real sniper at a distance. this ability to shoot at long distance allows you to make some pretty average points per season. indeed, with a rather impressive regularity at three points, the figures climb quickly. but your game is not just about lighting from the outside line. indeed your dribbling and passing are also great assets to form a complete offensive game. with an increased ability to find your teammates, or even playing your direct opponent, you are a permanent threat in possession of the ball.


as you can imagine, defense is the most negative point in this combo. indeed many offensive leaders will be able to play with you. quickly beaten by sharp dribbling your ability to challenge enemy shots is very low. but the finish near the circle is also a defect in your game. if the opponent's racket is filled with defenders, it will be harder to score than to be defeated by a big men passing by.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode point guard build tips - stephen curry

you look like stephen curry, the double mvp and recent nba champion with the golden state warriors is a reference in terms of outdoor shots. he also holds the records of the number of shots to three points in a successful match (with 13) and a season (with 402).

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creation of shots / penetration & finishing

badge: tear dropper (amethyst), untiring marker (amethyst), mid-distance sniper (gold), hard shot (gold), lob city finisher (gold), acrobat (gold), implacable finisher (gold), counter attack solo (gold), free throw expert (gold).

recommended size and wingspan: 1.87m in height and 1.95m in wingspan.


with this combo of archetypes, the goal is to make crazy the defense with opposing dribbling and a game in penetration. attacking the circle becomes child's play, even in one-on-one situations. very fast and good technically, you are a true ace of the crossover. provoking to score, that's the main goal of your playstyle. with impressive regularity near the circle and at mid-distance you will be a real headache for the outside defenders, even the best. at three points you are not without answer either. not the best, but far from bad, we can not leave you alone behind the outside line.


if offensively you are a monster, in the defensive phase you will fish. indeed many strong attackers will not hesitate to force the offensive actions on you. be it one-on-one, but also help, do not expect to win the title of best defender of the year. but the organization is not your forte either. if you are not a runner, do not expect to finish double-double each night.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode point guard build tips - kyrie irving

you look like kyrie irving, leader of the boston celtics, the 2016 nba champion is one of the best nba strikers. almost unstoppable in one-on-one, uncle drew has adapted to his new environment to consolidate his place among the best players in his job.


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