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nba 2k19 best archetypes and positions according to nba teams (clubs)

Date: 3/6/2019 2:23:39 PM

looking to quickly become a holder within your nba  2k19 club? we have prepared a list of the nba 2k19 best archetypes and position according to the needs of teams.

to best succeed your nba career on nba 2k19 basketball game, we offer the best position and archetypes choices to allow you to quickly access the starting five of each team. it will indeed be possible to choose your arrival club at the end of the prelude for the career mode. in addition to the position, a good combination of primary and secondary archetypes (primary skills and secondary skills) will also allow you to optimize your style of play according to the needs of each club.

although it is quite possible to impose yourself in a rotation with a post and totally different archetypes, better optimization (see how to optimize your player in nba 2k19 mycareer) should allow you to save time and thus accelerate the game.

in addition, it seems that the archetypes shooting and marker at the post are particularly strong in this new edition of nba 2k (see our guide to the nba 2k19 best combinations of archetypes per position), which is why they are predominant in our table.

the different positions
pf: power forwardsg: shooting guardsf: small forward
pg: point guardc: center

nba 2k19 best archetypes and positions for each nba club

team name
positionprimary skillsecondary skillreason
shot creatingdefending

with a young dynamic gaming leader, the team would need defense help.

shot creatingpost scoring

boston is super full, hard to find a weakness.

brooklynsfdriving & finishing
post scoring

be an additional offensive option for the nets.

driving & finishingpost scoring

charlotte needs talent but a winger will have the opportunity to shine.

chicagosfpost scoringdefendingthe bulls need help on three positions as well as a defense boost.
clevelandcpost scoringdriving & finishingjames' departure opens many opportunities in cleveland.
dallassgshot creating
post scoringquickly become an additional offensive source in dallas.
post scoringdefendingdenver needs help on the wings, so quickly get into the 5.
detroitsgshot creatingdefendingthe pistons need a full back two way.
golden statepf/cpost scoringdefendinggiven the strength, it will be difficult to find a place quickly
post scoringdefending
with the duo harden-paul, an interior capable of defending is the best option.
indianapfdriving & finishingpost scoringpacers need a scorer inside (or a defensive solution).
la clipperscdefendingdriving & finishinga defensive (or offensive) option on the inside for the clippers.
la lakerscpost scoringdefendingwith james in sf, a pivot will have to be able to score and defend.
driving & finishingshot creatingwe have two strengths in leader and inside, take advantage of it to penetrate and mark.
miamisfdriving & finishingpost scoring
take control of miami with an athletic player.
milwaukeepfpost scoringdefendinga spot on track, af is the weakest bucks position.
minnesotapfpost scoringdefendingsimilar report for minnesota with a need inside.
new orleanscdefendingdriving & finishing

it is possible to play ar or as to no but a pivot defender is also a good choice.

new yorkpg
shot creatingpost scoring

many needs for the knicks, a leader or a winger can have an immediate impact.

oklahomasgshot creatingdefending

with westbrook and george, a defensive option is a way to balance the team.

orlandopgdriving & finishingpost scoring

a playmaker could quickly establish himself as the new star of orlando.

philadelphiapfpost scoring
defendingdifficult to impose on the 76ers as the talents are numerous ...
phoenixpgdriving & finishingpost scoring

a playmaker can make the difference in the suns.

portlandpfpost scoringdefendingan interior capable of defending would be an added advantage for portland.
sacramentosfshot creatingdriving & finishing

the winger's post is really open at the kings, what quickly start.

san antoniopgdriving & finishingshot creating

replace legend tony parker in san antonio!

torontosgshot creatingpost scoring

with the departure of derozan, an offensive player would be very useful in toronto.

utahpgdriving & finishingshot creating

with gobert indoors, an offensive option at his side could create an explosive duo.

washingtonpfpost scoringdefending

an additional defensive option would be a plus for the wizards.

note that this list was made before the start of the nba regular season and that movements within the various teams are expected, which could change the needs of different clubs.

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