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nba 2k19 dribble moves tutorial - best dribble moves & how to change your dribble moves in 2k19

Date: 3/6/2019 5:39:22 PM

in nba 2k19, you can customize your players through changing the dribble moves in my animations option. dribbling is important in the game especially for guards and swings, make you get around the defenders and shooting more easily. next, will bring you the nba 2k19 best dribble moves animations with the tutorial and how to change your dribble moves in 2k19.


when you start the game, you have no dribble moves, which need to buy with nba 2k19 vc. after you created your player in nba 2k19 mycareer, you'll be allowed to customize their dribble animations to create the most overpowered dribbling.

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nba 2k19 dribble moves tutorial - best dribble moves animations in 2k19 mycareer

1. momentum behind the back - pro 3/ pro 6

moving behind the backs is the best way to complete some advanced ankle breakers and to be able to score, it's enough fast and great to use before a shot and this move is the base going to be used to set up your other moves when you want to break ankles every time. 

if the ball is in your left hand, hold down the right trigger the whole time and then flick the right stick right and left stick right, after that, quickly flick back the right stick left, if the ball is in your right hand, doing the same thing set opposite holding down the right trigger the whole time, that's to move the right stick left, left stick left and quickly flick back the right stick right. if you want to do the momentum behind the back to the basket, all you need to do is the same thing but instead of flicking back the right with going towards the basket, flicking your right stick down and letting go of turbo. 

2. moving crossover - pro 2/normal 1

the most basic and popular dribble move in nba 2k19 is the crossover, which is useful and effective in multiple situations. you can leave your opponent in the dust with a momentum crossover or use a bone snapping cross shake them to the ground. all elite crossovers are deadly to the defenders. the options are not sure to work out for everyone, pro 2 or normal 1 is the usual recommendation, you need to set it according to your play style.

3. moving hesitation – pro 2

the key point of hesitation move is to throw you, defender, when he neglects to take precautions, pro 2 is excellent hesitation move that can help you like a dribble god, like chris paul. it looks like you either going to shoot or driving the opposite direction when you use it.

4. rhythm dribble (standing size up combo) - elite 22

all you need to do to complete rhythm dribble is just flick up the right stick to speed boots out of it as soon as you get in the right part of the animation, just hold down the right trigger and then go left to right, so if you want to do the speed boost, just wait till the ball is back in the right hand, hold down the right trigger and moving the left stick right and if you want to cross back over obviously just go to the opposite side.

5. double between the legs – trae young/stephen curry

double between the legs is another dribble move that is effective in creating space, you can run away from your defender in several seconds, which is almost impossible for your opponent to guard in this situation, then when he realized you are no longer near him, you have got the chance to shoot a basket. 

more recommended best dribble moves:

moving spins: pro 4.

moving/ park size-up combo: pro 12/ park 12

size-up packages: pro 1.

size-up double hesitation: stephen curry.

size-up double crossover: chris paul.

size-up double behind the backs: jamal crawford.

how to set/change your nba 2k19 dribble move?

1. firstly, you need to buy dribble moves from the animation store with nba 2k19 vc.

2. enter the myplayer menu and select my animations option.

3. dribble moves is the second option on the my animations option, to set or change your dribble moves, select the type you want to change and set a new move.


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