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nba 2k19 pink diamond lavine guide - pink diamond zach lavine gameplay, moments card, attributes & badges

Date: 3/8/2019 2:23:18 PM

a trio of nba 2k19 myteam moments cards were released for gamers on tuesday which are all the pink diamond variety based on recent performances from players. leading the way are two stars zach lavine and trae young involved in a recent chicago bulls vs. atlanta hawks game that went 4 overtimes. and today will detail you more information start with pink diamond zach lavine moments card. we also provide cheap nba 2k19 mt coins

nba 2k19 pink diamond lavine guide

nba 2k19 myteam pink diamond lavine won the moments card 

in the chicago bulls topped the atlanta hawks in a thrilling four-overtime game on march 2, lavine scored 47 points on 17-for-35 shooting (14-6 in three points and 11-7 in free throws). he also knocked down five of his 11 three-point attempts. the 47-point performance eclipsed his previous high of 41 recorded on november 5 against the new york knicks. 

note: as a result, zach lavine earned the nba 2k19 moments card. 


nba 2k19 pink diamond lavine gameplay - zach lavine moments card tips

as lavine won the moments card, then how he performs in the game? 


zach lavine moments card attributes


nba 2k19 myteam moments card lavin has a total attribute value of 3851, both inside and outside attacking abilities are good. 94 mid-shots plus 90 open shot 3pt, but the free throw only has 65 (because lavine's free throw was 7 for 11). as the best young talent in the league, he has 86 ball control, so he can’t speed boost, but 98 driving dunk and 97 contact dunk are quite beautiful.

ball passing and controlling

86 ball control and 89 speed with ball has a slight breakthrough ability. the card on the defensive end is a powder drill, which gives a moderate or low level. after all, it’s a pink diamond moments card. 85 roll defense, 91 lateral quickness and 80 steal make normal matching possible. the height of 196cm passes sg. 

aside from the 91-89-89 three-point numbers and 98 and 97 driving and contact dunk ratings, lavine's moments card also has gold badges in every three-point shooting category and the hall-of-fame posterizer. unless you have the?pink diamond kobe bryant?at 2-guard, there's a good chance you could find some minutes in your lineup for lavine.

pink diamond lavine badges

this pink diamond lavine has 5 purple badges, 10 gold badges and 9 spiritual badges. 

pink diamond lavine badges

note: nba 2k19 mt pink diamond lavine’s moments card’s attributes and badges are now available in nba 2k19 league moments and heat check packs. do you like this nba 2k19 lavine pink diamond moments card?

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