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nba 2k19 1.09 patch notes - new update & features, no more pushing in the park!

Date: 3/29/2019 4:57:30 PM

the new nba 2k19 update 1.09 is now live on xbox one and ps4 with some fixes and adjustments that players have been waiting for. check out nba 2k19 1.09 patch notes to find out what is going on with the new patch nba 2k19.

nba 2k19 1.09 patch notes

since the nba 2k19’s launch back in september, many players have been experiencing lots of issues when trying to play the game. today’s nba 2k19 patch 1.09 is expected to fix some of these problems. it contains 2 major updates for the community, number one being “no more pushing in neighborhood game”, number two being “a fix for the hang in the start today game mode when attempting to advance past march 20th on the calendar”. now follow us to know more nba 2k19 patch 1.09 details!

nba 2k19 update 1.09 patch notes - the bug fixes & new gameplay of nba 2k19 patch 1.09

there isn’t much coming with the new nba 2k19 patch 1.09, but it still a pretty significant update for longtime series fans.

- removed pushing in neighborhood games. this is a main thing that everyone was worried about. and it is a big update for the community. 

- fixed the crashing issue with nba 2k19 version 1.09. 

- fixed for stutter and lag issues. 

- nba 2k19 patch 1.09 for ps4 fixed some vc glitches. that nba 2k19 best unlimited vc glitch came out after patch 9. 

- added fixes for framerate drop and freezing issues. 

- added performances and stability improvements.

- gameplay improvements added with nba 2k19 1.09 patch.

- when you try to move forward from march 20, you solve this problem in the "start today" game mode.

about this new update nba 2k19 1.09 is just stability and performance and make the game easier, not crashing, not jittery, not stuttering. we expect more updates to come out, and if it does, we’ll share the news in the first time. stay tuned!

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