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top 3 nba 2k19 best builds - most overpowered broken archetypes, easier to win in nba 2k19

Date: 4/4/2019 7:08:49 PM

nba 2k19 game has proved so popular to people, not only you can use nba 2k19 mt coins to buy players or cards which help you gain better in-game experience, but also you can use your personal nba 2k19 skills to win more matches. in addition to these, using the right builds is also important. you have to make that take enormous amounts of iq when playing nba 2k19 in order to win at an elite level. so today is going be presenting you top 3 nba 2k19 best builds after patch 1.09.

top 3 nba 2k19 best builds

top 3 nba 2k19 best builds - easier to win in nba 2k19 game

no.3 - pure shot creator build

the number three best build in nba 2k19 is the shooting guard pure shot creator. you get hall of fame difficult shots you get a great mid range you get limit this range silver or gold, you get catch and shoot you get corner specialist gold like you get so many badges, you get relentless finisher and if you make the player right you can even get a certain amount of different dunk packages. i think it's a 75 you get different dump packages or 80 or something, so the pure shot creator is the best all-around guard build in nba 2k19 game, it can do everything at a high efficiency, so that's my opinion for the third best build. 

pure shot creator build

no.2 - pure stretch build

the second best nba 2k19 build is the peer stretch, which is obviously an extremely easy build to use. i had a 93 win percentage, i sung with the play sharp and when i made a stretch which only played like 50 games on my stretch until i got to like a thousand games played and started getting boring of the game. i had like a 99 win percentage with my stretch but i would just get on when a few games get off like it was so boring, but the pure stretch there's not pushing anymore which made it really overpowered, but you still have the left trigger post up cheese or l2, where the player who's setting the screens for the stretch holds l2 or lt and you basically get stuck on a barrier and it's basically just like pushing, and you can't run through the person, you have to have really good teamwork and chemistry in order to guard that correctly. and sometimes it's just almost impossible especially when people are running to center lineups, which is extremely hard. but the pure stretch is still the second best build in nba 2k19, it's still one of the top easiest builds in the entire game.

pure stretch build

no.1 - pure post score build

for the number one best build in nba 2k19 myteam is the pure post score build, which is the easiest build to use something you can get on, and it would take you two or three days and you would start winning games, because that's the best builds. you get on the game and you can quickly learn how to use the player, you go to the controls you learn how to do it, it's very easy, with the pure post score you can hit insanely ridiculous shots. the pure post score only takes three shots like almost every single time. it's three shots you can do a post fade, you can do a drop step, you can do an up and under. it doesn't matter, it still counts towards your takeover almost the same exact weight. and the pure post score doesn't take any skill at all but with little to no training. all you need to do is learn how to drop step correctly then you got to learn how to post fate, it's the best all-around center build.

pure post score build

hope you will perform better by using the top 3 best nba 2k19 builds. and if you have any demand of buying nba 2k19 mt coins, here always provides cheap nba 2k19 my team coins!

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