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nba 2k19 defense guide - top 5 defense tips & controls for nba 2k19 beginner

Date: 4/8/2019 5:03:34 PM

defense is an equally important thing as the attacking in nba 2k19, correct defensive strategy and controls can help you succeed in the game. here brings the top 5 nba 2k19 defense tips and controls, hope to make you play better. 


top 5 nba 2k19 beginner defense tips - how to defend in nba 2k19?

1. always contest shots

the first, as well as the most important defense tip in nba 2k19, is always to be ready to contest a shot. that's a contested shot you push the left stick on the controller, some players are not really playing that well but they may also go to make a low percentage of shots than they would have, if you just stand there, especially that comes in handy and preventing you from jumping at each potential shot and then give up even worst ones to your opponent. therefore, keep in mind that you can test instead of trying to block all shots, which makes you more patient and you can reduce the opponent's shooting percentage more consistently. 

2. focus on when to steal

the second point you should know is when to go for steals, we can be more aware of the window at which we can pick the ball to start your attempt to steal by hitting square on your PS or x on your xbox, you can wait for the ball handler to expose the ball to you and then take the shot, if they are careless where defenders are, position and stick with the ball in one hand is an easy way to just run up on them and steal their cookies, when the big put the ball on the floor without his back to the basket or a ball handling stops briefly in the paint, you can get a quick steal from all the windows, the computer play some lockdown defense in this year nba 2k19 and you're better off letting the computer guard the ball and handle it more times than you.

3. off-ball isn't cheese

do you want to play off-ball? your opponent proves that to you they can be the cpu defense so you really shouldn't feel any shame and you do need skill and timing to win playing off-ball. why off-ball defense isn't cheese? click here to get more explanations in detail from other players on reddit. 

4. be active

the next tip is you need to be active on defense no matter playing off the ball or on the ball, being active with the big man to make the ball handler decisive or even though like fast breaks, streaking open and click on the nearest defender and try to intercept it, although the on-ball computer defense is great to share your success playing defense is still going to come down to your decisions and how fast you make them 

5. know your opponent

the last tip you must get is to know your opponent and how you want them to beat you, having a right defensive settings is a huge part in having a computer play, except for the opponent, how you want and what you're willing to give up in order to get the last victory are also what we should think in the game.

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