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nba 2k19 center build guide & tips - top 3 nba 2k19 best & worst center builds

Date: 4/17/2019 5:35:55 PM

center is important and irreplaceable in the nba 2k19 lineup, a powerful center can only play as an attacker, but also can do the defensive work well. there are multiple play style can be chosen in the game, then how to set up the best center build and avoid useless build? here brings you the top 3 best nba 2k19 center build and worst center builds.


nba 2k19 center build guide & tips - top 3 nba 2k19 best center build

when you play as a center in nba 2k19, you will generally need to bang down low and stand firm in defense, the centers always the biggest man on the court and their size won't be change much. height, weight and wingspan will play a major role in your player’s performance at the position.

1. pure post (7'3 height, max weight & max wing span)

the first nba 2k19 best center build, the most overpowered center big man build in the game, this is a 1v1 build, which gets every post badge on hall of fame and can shoot 3s consistently. they can quite literally throw the defenders out their way with a powerful shove and elbows. you can do a bunch of post cheese moves, a lot of people do crazy cheesy glitches with the post moves like the speed boosting move, make people break their ankles and once they get there take over, it just automatically over, you can't guard him, it's just a hard build to guard, if you are trying to make it personally, you'd better set 7'3" max height and max weight center build.

2. pure rim protector (6'11-7'3 height, 275 weight & max wing span)

this is a versatile build that are insane as it can defend any build in the game, you can't score anywhere near it. immense strength and rebounding. this build comes with 6 hall of fame badges, so you can rely on this player's defensive strength alone. it is able to put a guard against a guard, guard a stretch, a big man or anything and it also can score, it can do lots of post spin cheese, speed boosting and something like that, you can score with the nba 2k19 pure rim protector, it can really rebound as good as a glass cleaner, in addition, no matter you want to play as a center or power forward, this build is viable to both of that.

3. slashing rebounder (7'3 height, 265 weight & 98 inches wingspan)

this build is so unstoppable that basically impossible to stop for nearly any defender. with this build, you'll be able to dominate on both ends of the floor, its size and strength mixed with incredible in-game stats are potentially the hardest to guard of any archetype, so it is extremely fun to run around and dominate everyone with this overpowered build.

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nba 2k19 center build guide & tips - top 3 nba 2k19 worst center build

some nba 2k19 builds are weak and even useless for your game, but if you try all the kinds of combinations to check out the effect, it will waste amounts of time. here are the top 3 worst nba 2k19 center builds that you can avoid and not to try out.

1. primary skill: rebounding

secondary skill: passing & ball-handling

the first horrible center build in nba 2k19, you can only get horrible badges from it, you can't shoot and pass as a big man, you'd rather have those attributes somewhere else, you can't really score as a rebounding passing and handling big man, so it is recommended to pass the build.

2. primary skill: 3pt shooting

secondary skill: passing & ball-handling

the second worst center build is similar to the first one, but this build can actually shoot, we make a stretch passing and handling, look at this build deeper, if you actually make this build, the badges you get are horrible, even if you reach in 99 with this build, you will not get any shooting badges and hall of fame.

3. primary skill: driving & finishing

secondary skill: passing & ball-handling

the difference between the last bad center build and the previous two is still the primary skill, it's just a bad build huge you're taking too many lbs, you're wasting your nba 2k 19 vc, don't make any big man with passing and handling.

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