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nba 2k19 mycareer mode shooting guard build guide - how to create & build the best overpowered sg

Date: 4/18/2019 11:17:21 PM

you start in the nba 2k19 my career mode and do not know how to build the best shooting guard for your player, do not panic we explain everything with recommending 3 best overpowered nba 2k19 sg builds, covering archetype, badges, height, wingspan and their strengths & weakness!

even though the biggest player in basketball history was shooting guard, today this position is much less popular. often very good offensively, they must also be complete on both sides of the field. the backs are often "combo guard" and can take the reins of the team. at least offensively, it is not uncommon to see the best rear fires catch some nights, including a certain mvp 2018 that is nicknamed "the beard”.

best nba 2k19 shooting guard builds & myplayer sg build tips

to help you out, here are three nba 2k19 archetype combos to create the shooting guard of your dreams. read our our nba 2k19 best archetypes & builds for each position (pg, sg, sf, pf, c), to learn more tips for building myplayer.

3-point shot / 3-point shot

badge: catch & shoot (amethyst), deep sniper (amethyst), infinite range (amethyst), coin specialist (amethyst), free throw expert (amethyst), untiring marker (gold). rapid reflexes (gold), mid-range sniper (gold).

recommended size and wingspan: 1.88m in height and 1.99 in wingspan.


scoring from the three-point line is your motto. in recent years, the nba has strongly intensified in terms of outdoor shooters. with this combo of archetypes, you will enter the family of three-point specialists. priority target of the outside defenders, every second passed demarcated will be a suffering for the opposing team. you are there to punish the defensive aids or to finish the collective actions. extra-passes will soon be your best friends. whether you are open, marked by a defender, in the corner or one meter from the outside line you are a danger to the defense. so do not hesitate to try your luck at long distance, without beating the ball.


if from the three-point line you are a reference, when it comes to penetration or defense, it's different. indeed, your ability to attack the opposing basket is severely limited, especially if you are guarded by a good defender. as for the defense, it will not be necessary to take care of the best enemy striker at the risk of seeing the latter to investigate the baskets.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode shooting guard build guide - how to create & build the best overpowered sg - klay thompson

you look like klay thompson, a golden states warrior sniper, he is able to catch fire from afar. he holds the record for the number of points scored in a quarter-time with 37. he leaves a season at 20 points to 44% at three points average.

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shooting / passing and dribbling

badge: untiring marker (gold), hard shots (gold), anklet breaker (gold), mid-range sniper (gold), tear dropper (gold). under shot specialist (gold), solo counterattack (gold), free throw expert (gold).

recommended height and wingspan: 1.87m in height and 1.95 in wingspan.


with this combo of archetypes you are a supplement leader. indeed you will often have to go up the ball and organize the game. it's up to you to regulate the tempo of the game, launch counterattacks or become master of the game placed. your main strength is the ability to beat any defender in a one-on-one situation, even the best. in isolation you will wreak havoc, especially by abusing "step back" followed by shots at mid-distance. it's almost your biggest scoring force. at three points you are also a regular shooter, in open shooting position do not hesitate. but you are not just a scorer, you are also an organizer. with good game vision and sharp passes, you can shine your teammates from anywhere on the field.


defensive side is not the same story, if in attack you are part of the best, in defense you have big gaps. if you have the misfortune of falling against a seasoned forward, then your evening in your half of the field may be reduced to cash baskets.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode shooting guard build guide - how to create & build the best overpowered sg - harden

you look like james harden, houston rockets franchise player, and recent regular season mvp, the beard is one of nba's most impressive strikers. he has just completed a season with 30 points, 9 assists at 45% on average shooting.

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in defense / shooting

badge: rapid reflex (amethyst), intra-action defender (gold), in force (gold), pocket pick (gold), dodge pro (gold), strong (gold), lob city finisher (gold), backside (gold).

recommended height and wingspan: 1.87m in height and 1.95 in wingspan.


with this combo of archetypes the goal is simple: defend. you will quickly become one of the best outside defensemen in the league. in one against one you are a wall to yourself. almost impassable, the best attackers will break your teeth on you. with an impressive physics, both in strength and speed, coupled with impressive defensive iq and outstanding gameplay, you are the ultimate defender. a very good challenge to shoot that keeps your opponent a very low shot percentage. offensively you are not left out, a very regular shot at half distance allows you to be a threat to the opponents defenses. not to mention a very good finish near the circle.


offensive side organization and outer shots are your biggest drawbacks. the offensive game vision is causing you harm. you will not be recruited for your abilities to find outstanding teammates or to make extra-passes. the three-point shots are also to be avoided, even open it is not unusual to miss your shots long distance.

nba 2k19 mycareer mode shooting guard build guide - how to create & build the best overpowered sg - jimmy butler

you look like jimmy butler, the new boss of the minnesota timberwolves strongly contributed to the return of the franchise in playoffs last season.

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