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nba 2k16 pack opening simulator tutorial and instructions

Date: 12/17/2015 10:32:29 AM

click the pack to open it! press "t" to change your team name in game! please love and favorite this project! check out my nba 2k16 squad creator! credit goes to the nba (national basketball association) and the creators of nba 2k16. 

nba 2k16 pack opening simulator link 1:

12/9/15-collection and keep players are back! (gold packs only) (you can only save 1 player for each spot.)

12/2/15-a little change in the background

11/18/15-because of too many bugs, the collection and keep players have been taken away.

11/17/15-collection and keep players are back! (again)

11/16/15-i was testing the collection and keep players today and apparently once you save the player you want and open another pack it saves over it. so, i'm going to get rid of them for now.

11/15/15-collection and keep players are back!

11/13/15-collection and keep players are under construction!

11/12/15-major update!

you can now save your own players! (only with gold packs). also, if you save the first player in the pack twice the second player will be the player that will be sent to the collection. (same with other player) you can also only keep 3 players in your collection.

11/11/15-added #tbt packs!

11/8/15-added a pack animation!

11/6/15-new pack cover and added #tbt dwight howard and carmelo anthony!

11/1/15-another new pack cover!

10/28/15-new background!

10/26/15-new gold pack cover! i also lowered your vc when you begin because it was very easy to get the amethyst pack. (look at instructions!)

10/20/15-the gold pack cover will now change frequently!

10/16/15-the amethyst pack is now 150k instead of 200k!

10/13/15-press "t" to change your team name in game! you can also now follow me on twitter for a cheat code!

10/08/15-amethyst packs! i fixed the bug and now they are here! i also changed the pack cover for the gold pack.

10/04/15-changed pack cover and got rid of amethysts. there will soon be a separate amethysts pack.

10/02/15-the simulator is released.

nba 2k16 pack opening simulator link 2:

click the pack to open it!

read this! \/

when you purchase for vc, you have to do one at a time. so when you purchase one, you press back, and then repeat. also, when you first click the store, the buy symbol's don't show. so, just back out and go into the store again.

there will soon be more packs! the next pack will be an amethyst pack!

video tutorial:

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