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nba 2k16 1.04 update patch released: available on ps4 now

Date: 12/17/2015 3:07:46 PM

the 1.04 update patch for nba 2k16 has been available on ps4 now and the xb1 will update later. the nba 2k16 1.04 update patch notes are the same for both platforms though so now you can take a minute to see what has changed in the game.

nba 2k16 update 1.04.jpg

the 1.04 patch has revealed the general, gameplay, mycareer, myleague and other cheanges. here is the notes detailed on patch 4:



  • addressed a hang that can occur when editing/applying tattoos in edit player.

  • resolved a bug where one or more users in a co-op game would lose control of their player at some coin during the game.

  • fixed a disconnect issue that some users were seeing during online games.

  • (pc) fixed a corruption issue where some users were experiencing hangs, missing art assets, and infinite loads. please ensure that your virus scanning software (e.g. avast) whitelists your steam folder/directory. this is required for new content to properly download and install.

  • closed a loophole where the pause timer would stop counting down when sitting in the 'report image' flow.

  • improved the user interface when applying contracts to players in myteam by removing the display of how many contracts the player would have if the current card was applied.

  • fixed a case where the user accepting an online invite would sometimes skip the position selection screen in the way into matchmaking.

  • headwear should now properly unequip when attempting to do so from within the mypark apparel section of the store.

  • the player portrait will now update when a new user is signed in on the main menu via the account picker.

  • a number of other optimizations and enhancements have been made to improve the user experience.


  • teammate free throw celebration/interaction behaviors have been corrected.

  • slightly tuned down the frequency of ball collisions.

  • fixed an issue that led to a temporary loss of user control on possession changes while in the 2k cam.

  • tuned down the frequency of missed alley-oop and putback dunks when open.

  • fixed an issue that allowed high rated post players to shoot post fadeaway 3's at a high percentage.


  • fixed a rare issue where the game would hang when doris burke interviews your myplayer at the end of the first half and/or at the end of the game.

  • the correct records and rep levels will now be shown for the players on the mypark loading screen.

  • corrected the wall and floor art for the san antonio spurs theme in mycourt.

  • fixed a case where some purchased shoes were not properly appearing on the shoe racks in mycourt.


  • resolved a hang that could occur many, many years into mygm when entering the offseason.

  • generated players will now wear the correct color socks for away games.

  • fixed an issue where generated players were getting their free throw animations randomized every offseason.

  • the strengths/weaknesses screen in team comparison should now be functioning properly once again.


note: all patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves (unless specifically noted otherwise). source from 2k sport facebook

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