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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best All Builds Jumpshot Tutorial Part Two - In-Depth Breakdown On How To Get 100% Green In Next Gen

Date: 12/25/2020 5:14:37 PM

Have you seen part one of our NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best All Builds Jumpshot Tutorial? In the last article, we talked about the importance of challenges, shot meters, jumpshot boost, and takeovers, and then a discussion on how to practice your jumpshot timing. Now, to pick up where we left off, in this article, we are going to reveal more secrets on how to get 100% Greenlight In NBA 2K21 Next Gen.

#6 Shooting Badges

One of the most important parts of the tutorial we are going to talk about are the shooting badges that you should be using, what shooting badges are the best this year, and what shooting badges are the worst. 

    Anti-Freeze: Not necessary. you don't have to use this, but if you have a ton of badges, you could just throw this on bronze. but honestly, it's not a necessity by any means. 

    Blinders: This is one of the new badges, run this on the highest level possible, it is like dead eye from the past but on steroids. like this lessens all the contests from the side.

    Catch & Shoot: Not necessary. Unless you're a spot-up or maybe a center.

    Clutch Shooter: This one shouldn’t be anything higher than bronze. 

    Corner Specialist: It’s pretty much for spot-ups, like if you take a lot of shots in the corner, then maybe you could throw it on bronze.

    Dead Eye: The badge that’s overrated. if you have a ton of badges, you could just throw this on the hall of fame. but this badge is bronze or even silver at the most.

    Deep Threes: This one is like a limitless range or a range extender from the past. this is a very good badge every build needs it.

    Difficult Shots: Only good for mid-range shots this year. You can just don’t use it at all, because a lot of the fades that people take are normally from threes. 

    Fade Ace: This is a bad badge, for post scores maybe. 

    Green Machine: Excellent badge, we recommend you run that on the hall of fame.

    Hot Shot: A glitchy badge that helps you get takeover fast. so put this on the highest level possible.

    Hot Zone Hunter: Also a very good badge, put that on the highest level possible. 

    Ice In Veins: Great for free throws, not necessary at all.

    Rhythm Shooter: An interesting badge, it's not terrible but there is a lot other great badges alternative.

    Set Shooter: Great Badgem but again, it's not the best. 

    Slippery Off-Ball: not needed at all.

    Sniper: For shot aiming shots, people rarely use it.

    Stop & Pops: Solid badge, you can have it on silver.

    Tireless Shooter: Put it on bronze in case you’re tired. 

    Volume Shooter: Great badge in every year, but again there's are better options out there.

#7 Jumpshot Creator

This is the last part of the tutorial, so this year we got the custom jumpshot creator. Go to MyPlayer, then appearance, and then you’ll find the jumpshot creator. we don't have to play any MyCareer games no more, you can get the jumpshot creator right away this year.

The most OP base is jumpshot 98. a lot of people might say Dwayne Wade is the best base this year. But the dark horse this year is the jumpshot 98 base. They both really good. And then the release one is Rudy Gay and the release two is Danilo Gallinari. And the percentage is 60% Rudy Gay and 40% Danilo Gallinari. Then the release speed is max. On Current Gen, the wave was used to be like a one down for max. but in Next Gen, go max speed is the best way.

So that’s a wrap for our jumpshot tutorial, we speak length on how to get 100% Greenlight In NBA 2K21 Next Gen, hope this is helpful for you!

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