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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best All Builds Jumpshot Tutorial Part One - In-Depth Breakdown On How To Get 100% Green In Next Gen

Date: 12/25/2020 4:33:04 PM

The new best jumpshot tutorial is here, and this jumpshot tutorial not only works for Next Gen but it also works for Current Gen 2K21, and probably even on 2K20. and in the following, there will also be some top tips that the best competitive players do not want you guys to know about. Just some deep dive into all the secret settings and best badges. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

#1 The Challenge

So let’s start with the best shooting badge method. this tutorial is meant for Next Gen, but if you're on Current Gen, the best method is MyCareer. but on Next Gen, there are these little NPC people that walk around the neighborhood or the city with little exclamation marks over their heads. Find the path that all of the exclamations marks people take when they're walking around the neighborhood. you want to walk up to these people, press A to talk to them, and then they're going to give you a challenge. And you want to look for the people that have orange or yellow exclamation marks over their heads. Once you accept these challenges, there's going to be little yellow things on the map, that is what looks like when you have a challenge. So for example, let’s say you are at the Market, this is where you will be completing your challenges. MyCareer is not the method on Next Gen, inside these challenges, it's two times badge progression, and a secret tip is that if you guys don't want to use up all of your challenges, because you do only have like nine of them, you can continue just keep losing the last one. you could score like 20 points, but then just let the other team win. or you can just keep doing the challenge and you don't complete it until you win it.

#2 Shot Meters

Next up, Shot meters. you should turn off your shot meter right now. This is how you do it: press starts and then go over to options, go to controller settings, then you can turn it off. A shot meter only can help you the first couple of times if you are a beginner. but once you get used to the timing of your jumpshot and how long you have to hold X down. then turn the meter off, because you get a shot percentage boost when the meter is off. and a lot of shots start falling, there's a huge difference. turn it off is the best way to go about it. practice timing your jumpshot.

#3 Jumpshot Boost

The next thing that we are going to talk about in this tutorial is jumpshot boost. so look, in all the 2Ks in the past where there was a park or at least most of them, even 2K21 Current Gen. there has been a place in the park called a booth stand, where you have to walk up to it, and buy boost. but this year, you just press start, you go to progression, and you go to MyHealth, and go hard on some unlimited boosts. You can get it from different events. And you can get 10 games worth of jumpshot boost for 1500 NBA 2K21 MT Coins, and you guys definitely want to do this. all of the top players are using jumpshot boost, and you're just putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don't buy them. also for the Gatorade boost, this kind of does help, especially if you dribble a lot. the one that we would recommend you buy is the Gatorade Chews but as of right now it's not really necessary. but if you're going to buy any of them, we recommend the Gatorade Chews.

#4 Takeovers

The next thing that we want to talk about is takeovers. now you might be thinking why are we even talking about takeovers when I already made a build. but this year in Next Gen, once you get all of your badges, you can change your takeovers. So if you're a guard, we recommend that you use Pull-Up Precision, which is the Shot Creating takeover. and as your secondary takeover, Negative Impact, which is the one that lessens contests on your fades. so when you have these takeovers, it will be hard to miss your fades. like fading is OP already this year, but when you have those takeovers, it just makes it even better. and if you do want to pick a Sharp Shooting takeover, pick Spot-UP Precision. Spot-UP Precision can do basically everything that Limitless Range takeover could do and more. and if for some reason you want a finishing takeover and then go with Finishing Moves. because this one helps you with contact dunks. but it’s best to go with one of the shooting ones, like the Shot  Creating or the Sharpshooting ones.

#5 Practice Your Timing

Shooting around to practice your timing. this year we got an open court that you can hop on with no teammates, you don't have to wait for a game. Use this to shoot around and practice your timing. the reason you have to do this is that there's no MyCourt this year. And there are some other like 1V1 courts you could also do or you could shoot around in the Gatorade facility. It doesn't matter where you do this. but you have to get on the court and start shooting around and start learning your jumpshot. Although it doesn't tell you your shot feedback here, make sure that your shot feedback is on in your settings, and when you're end game, look to see if you're shooting early or late and make the adjustments. This cannot be stressed enough, there are so many people that just cannot shoot in this game, and they're not willing to making any adjustments. It's a muscle memory process. you need to just keep making the adjustments until you have it down perfectly. 

So this is all for part one for our NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best All Builds Jumpshot Tutorial, stay tune for part two!

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