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How to Get VC Fast In NBA 2K21 - Top 4 Best Ways To Earn VC Fast In Next Gen

Date: 12/29/2020 9:43:08 AM

Since NBA 2K21 Next Gen came out this year, VC is needed more than ever, VC is needed in upgrading your player, buying jumpshots, dribble moves, animations, and all their clothes in the game. these are just a few of the main things that you need VC for and you will not be able to do anything in this game without VC. but don't worry, because today we are showing you the best and fastest ways to get VC. 

#1 The Warehouse Challenge

Press start and then go over to the city tab, and then go to 2K journal. you will see there's a bunch of different people listed, these are actually AIs. there are 24 different challenges that you can do. there are three challenges with each of these AIs. each of the challenges is 750 VC, so 24 challenges come out to 18 000 VC for completing all of them. these challenges are easy and don’t too much time to be completed. it's probably five minutes per challenge. And press the right trigger, there are also these objective challenges. Those are the park challenges. these also give you VC. Objective challenges AIs have the blue exclamation marks above their head. Find the people of the city, which is the AIs in the city that has little orange/yellowish exclamation mark above their head. you can find them in the park. If you having trouble finding the AIs, just Google it, a lot people made maps to show you how to find them and post it on social media. So anyway, after you find them, accept their challenge. A lot of them are near the center of the city. 

Sidenote: while you're in these challenges, you have two times badge progression. So if you're trying to get shooting badges make sure that you shoot good. 


For example, you find a AI with the blue exclamation marks for the regular objective challenges, and walk up to him, press A. he has a 750 VC reward offer for you. it says to make 10 three pointers in-park games, that's pretty easy, finish it, and here comes the VC. And the AI with the green exclamation mark and you press A, they have animations and dance moves, so the people that you want have is AIs with the orange exclamation marks and the blue ones above their head.

#2 Ante-Up Event

This is a really good method especially if you're good at the game. but if you're bad at the game then you probably do not want to do this. Ante-Up Event is essentially the stage, but in 2K21 Next Gen, there's not a stage that's always running. it's an event this year. Ante-Up is usually 6 p.m to 12 a.m, so it’s basically midnight. it runs for six hours. It's only on Tuesdays and Thursdays nights. If you want to play Ante-Up AKA the  Stage, you can wager your VC, play a game for say 750 VC or 2000 VC. if you lose, you lose your VC. but if you win, you get more VC. you basically double it. so it's up to you, that's risky. if you haven't upgraded your player or don't have a lot of badges, don't do this method, we would not recommend that. because this is where the best people on the game are going to be playing and trying to take the beginner's VC. so don't do this if you're not the best of the game. 

#3 The Rec Center

Press the middle button on your controller to pull up the map, pull up the map, go to the middle of the city, you will see The Rec Center, and walk into it. The Rec mostly depending on if you get player of the half and player of the game. you get can close to a thousand VC per Rec game.

#4 The Park

The park is not a good way to get VC fast, however, it is a steady way to get VC. each park game you'll get about 200 to 300 VC per game, so it's really not that good, compared to MyCareer or some of these other methods. But still, you could play park get 300 VC per game.


So that’s all for the Top 4 methods to earn VC in NBA 2K21 and if you are short on some NBA 2K MT Coins, go check out for the special offer!


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