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NBA 2K21 Best Dunk Packages For Every Build After Patch- Best Dunk Packages Animations In 2K21 Current Gen & Next Gen

Date: 3/19/2021 2:38:55 PM

If you want to dunk crazy on somebody with dunk animations. Here we listed the NBA 2K21 current-gen and next-gen best dunk packages that don’t get blocked after patch 6. Everything you need for the dunk packages including one-hand dunk, two-hand dunk and miscellaneous dunk.


NBA 2K21 Next-Gen & Current-Gen Best Dunk Packages After Patch  - Best Dunk Packages Animations For Every Build In NBA 2K21 

The difference between dunk in 2K21 current gen and next gen, is the speed. Current gen dunk packages are so much faster compared to next gen. There are the simple dunks that you need to be equipped to get more contact dunks and finish more consistently at the rim. Though there are other overpowered dunk packages in-game, the following 2k21 current gen and next gen dunk packages are the best so far.


Best NBA 2K21 Next Gen Dunk Packages

1. Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One (Requirement: 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 85)

When it comes to the best NBA 2K21 next-gen one-hand dunk packages, first thing first go with Uber Athletic Tomahawks Off One. The speed of dunk packages on next gen is much slower in comparison to current gen. Uber Athletic Tomahawks spread the fresh air when you get consistently fast animations. This package is going to be like crazy Russell Westbrook dunks.


2. Athletic One-Handers Off One (Requirement: 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 75)

Athletic One-Handers Off One is the best dunk packages in NBA 2K21 next gen. This dunk packages is flashy and unblockable, which is the most well-rounded dunk packages as well.


3. Quick Drops Off One (Requirement: 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 65)

The best dunk two hands dunk package in the game still Quick Drops Off One. Quick Drops Off One has the best balance and safety because you want the best animations possible when it comes to two hands, no extra things intended to happen. Whenever you want to get flash and crazy, choose Quick Drop-In Back Scratchers is with a mixture of Carmelo and D-Rose.


4. Reverses Off One (Requirements 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 70)

Reverses Off One is the most unblockable and best 2k21 net gen dunk packages for miscellaneous. It’s a really good bailout if you are the person who goes for flashy dunks. Besides, it’s never going to have an opportunity for you to get blocked unless someone loves to go chase down blocks. Baseline Reverses Off Two is also one of the best dunk packages in the game. Depends on you whether you go with Baseline Reverses Off Two Or Baseline Reverses Off One. The windmill is also another really good dunk packages, it’s easy to do a certain slide that can’t get blocked.


NBA 2K21 Current Gen Best Dunk Packages

1. Athletic One-Handles Off One (Requirement 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 75)

When it comes to how to balance it is, how unblockable it is, how flashy and how fast it is. Athletic One-Handles Off One is the perfect best one hand dunk packages in 2k21 current gen. It is a go-to for the one hand.


2. Straight Arm Tomahawks (Requirement: 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 80)

Straight Arm Tomahawks is the most popular dunk packages that have the fastest and glitchiest dunk animations you can get in the entire game, it’s more towards the flashing side of them on-hand dunk packages. But on 2k21 next gen, they took this one out of the game. These are the dunk packages that are highly recommended.


3. Fist Pump Rim Pulls (Requirement: 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 60)

The best two hand dunk packages 2k21 is First Pump Rim Pulls, which has the best animations for gather dunks, if you like hot step dunk, euro dunk, cradle dunk, spin dunk, or half-spin dunk. What’s more, it gives you the fastest and most explosive, let you dunk further.


4. Quick Drop Off One (Requirement: 65OVR, Driving Dunk 65)

If you are looking for the most all around, simplest, quickest two hand dunk packages are Quick Drops Off One. Put Quick Drop-In Back Scratchers on if you are worried about getting blocked. But it does not matter.

5. Windmills Off One(Requirement 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 85) / Baseline Reverse Off One(Requirement: 65 OVR, Driving Dunk 80)

The best two miscellaneous dunk packages in NBA 2K21 current gen are Windmills Off One and Baseline Reverse Off One. Windmills Off One you can do it the certain way you want to go. If you want to do right hand dunk, it will give you windmill dunk. Windmill Reverses is for people who want to have the safest flashy dunk animation. In addition, you can choose 2 baseline reverse depends on you, each two has some of the glitches and fastest animations for reverse dunks.

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To utilize these some of the best dunk packages NBA 2k21 next gen and current gen. In order to become a better dunker in the game.  If you need cheap NBA 2K21 MT, go to to purchase.

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