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NBA 2K21 Best Invincible & Enshrined Cards - Which Card Is Worthy Buying In NBA 2K21 MyTEAM

Date: 5/15/2021 9:18:42 AM

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM updated first ever DM Invincible and Enshrined cards on May 14, 2021. We have never seen a more overpowered set than brand new Enshrined Packs in NBA 2K21 before.  Are you a fan of cheap and overpowered NBA 2K21 Invincible and Enshrined cards? Next, we are going to list the best Invincible and enshrined cards in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM that are worth buying in Season 7.


NBA 2K21 Best Invincible & Enshrined Card - Which Players Are Worthy Buying In NBA 2K21 MyTEAM

Brand new NBA 2K21 DM Enshrined Packs have arrived in MyTeam mode, features this year's Hall of Fame class Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant. A lot of cards we have seen before, and all the NBA 2K21 Invincible and Enshrined cards either had a galaxy opal or dark matter card except for Ray Allen, Jerry West, and Tim Duncan. They are basically a clone, but is there anything wrong with being a clone? Keep reading this guide, we give you the full details on the best NBA 2K21 Invincible & Enshrined cards that you should get in MyTEAM. If you want some of the biggest names in history, we got you the best cheap 2K21 card versions with good states and badges wise. We got 10K Micheal Jordan, Tracy, instead of spending a lot of MT.  Moreover, we have got god-tier best Enshrined players with 99 every stats and every hall of fame badges. That's the reason why people so obsessed with new DM Invincible cards!


Best NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Invincible & Enshrined Cards

Wes Unseld - 91 - C/PF - 6’7’’

This Wes Unseld Enshrined card is basically 97 rated Wes Unseld, he does come up with 88 three ball, 85 driving dunk, 90 speed with ball, 86 ball handle, 90 speed, 90 acceleration and 90 lateral quickness. He’s got Showtime(HOF), Catch and Shoot(HOF), Corner Specialist(HOF), Range(Gold), Dimer(HOF), Quick First Step(HOF), Clamps(HOF), Moving Truck(HOF) and more. Here is the thing, the power forward position is tough for him, but he is the best budget NBA 2K21 card under 10k. Moreover, he has Kobe Bryant release on quick, slasher dribble style, pro 2 size up escape, pro 5 moving behind the back. This is card is worth getting in current gen, but On next gen, he is not going to be the next level type of card.


Wilt Chamberlain - 91 - C - 7’1’’

This is another budget amethyst card in NBA 2K21. He has 8-foot wingspan, 92 speed, 82 acceleration, 87 lateral, 85 driving dunk, 80 mid range, 43 three ball that can't shoot adm. He has got heart crusher(HOF), Intimidator(HOF), Pogo Stick(HOF), Clamps(Gold) Quick First Step(HOF), Unpluckable(Gold) and Downhill(HOF). He’s got good dribble six, shot 17 on very quick. If you are looking for an inside center for a budget, he is for a real budget option in NBA 2K21.


Larry Bird - 97 - SF/PF - 6’9’’

Legend Larry Bird has 93 speed, 95 three ball, 80 driving dunk, 91 lateral. He’s got 19 hall of fame badges include Clamps, Interceptor, And Intimidator except for Blinders. He is attacking downgraded up but he's a lot better than 96 larry. In addition, he has Larry on quick and pro one behind the back. If you're on current gen this enshrined is better than the opal larry bird, anyway, he is an absolutely solid and overpowered card in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM.


Tracy McGrady - 94 - SG/SF - 6’8’’

This card is one of the best NBA2K21 diamond cards in the enshrined pack, he is more like a next-gen galaxy opal Tracy McGrady with 99 offensive overall, 97 defensive overall and slasher dribble style. He is 6’8 tall, 7’2 wingspan with 94 speed, 94 acceleration, 90 three ball, 95 dunks, and 95 lateral quickness. He has Clamps(HOF), Pogo(HOF), Quick First Step(HOF), Blinders(HOF) even a Steady Shooter(HOF). The only problem is that he lacks the steal and block.


Micheal Jordan - 94 - SG/SF - 6’6’’

There’s no doubt diamond Micheal Jordan is solid and overpowered in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM, he is 6’6 tall, has a 6’11 wingspan and a hot zone everywhere. On the one hand, he has great states 88 three-ball, 95 driving dunk, 94 speed with ball, 86 ball handle, 97 speed, 97 acceleration, 95 lateral quickness. On the other hand, he has Showtime(HOF), Tireless Shooter(HOF), Volume Shooter(HOF), Difficult Shots(HOF), Range Extender(Gold), but he needs to have more playmaking badges.


Scottie Pippen - 96 - SG/SF - 6’8’’

He has 90 three ball, 93 speed, 94 stamina, 90 driving dunk, 95 perimeter defense 92 speed with ball and 93 acceleration. With 28 hall of fame badges including Showtime(HOF), Range Extender(HOF), Quick First Step(HOF), Clamps(HOF). The truth is, you will not notice the difference between Scottie 96 and Scottie 97.


Magic Johnson - 99 - PG/SG - 7’0’’

Magic Johnson 92 three ball, 96 mid, 96 speed, 96 acceleration 96 lateral and 90 driving dunk, he carries 48 hall of fame badges including Range Extender, Chase Down Artist, Heart Crusher and Post Spin Technician. With magic Johnson on very quick, pro 2 size up packages, pro 3 moving behind the back, quick dribble style. He is one of the best NBA 2K21 enshrined cards that you should get in next gen, though he could be very expensive.


Ray Allen - 99 - SG/SF - 6’5’’

Ray Allen is the best primary ball handle in NBA 2K21 next gen. He is 6’5 tall and with 6’8 wingspan. For his stats, he’s got 99 three ball, 95 driving dunk, 95 speed, 95 acceleration, 97 lateral quickness and 94 speed with ball. For badges, he’s got 48 all the hall of fame badges you need including Blinders(HOF), Range Extender(HOF), Handles For Days(HOF), except Deep Fades. He has Ray Allen release on very quick, as we all know how good Ray Allen on really quick is. He is the best god tier card NBA 2K21 that is worth getting in Season 7.


Julius Erving - 99 - SF/SG - 6’6’’

He is the second-best primary small forward after Lebron James, meanwhile another best enshrined card on NBA 2K21 MyTEAM. He has 94 three ball, 97 speed, 97 acceleration, 97 lateral quickness and 99 driving dunk. Carries Quick First Steps(HOF), Clamps(HOF), Heart Crusher(HOF) and Interceptor(HOF). Rudy Gay on very quick, shifty dribble syle, pro 2 size up escape packages and pro 5 moving behind the back. Before you are commit buying Julius Erving, try out R.J Barrett, if you like him, this is a tactical upgrade for R.J Barrett.


Kevin Garnett - 99 - PF/C - 6’11’’

This is insanely god-tier and the best NBA 2K21 invincible cards that have 99 offensive overall and 99 defensive overall. The reason why he is the best card is that he has 99 ever stats, 61 hall of fame badges, curry sliding, 7’2 wingspan, can do the side to side spam on next gen. Set shot 14 is a good release on him, pro 1 behind the back only makes him more different on current gen.


Tim Duncan - 99 - PF/C - 6’1’’

Tim Duncan is an absolute good card in next gen NBA 2K21 features 99 offensive overall and 99 defensive overall. He has almost every stat in 99 except 96 speed, 96 acceleration, and 97 three-ball. Tear Dropper and Steady Shooter are the only two badges he doesn’t have. But he will no curry either on current gen or next gen, because of his weight, but he has pro 3 behind the back, shifty dribble style with Tim Duncan release. Although he might not be good as Kevin Garnett, he is the cheapest 2K21 invincible of all these cards.


Kobe Bryant - 99 - SG/SF - 6’6’’

Finally, the classic Kobe Brant has 60 hall of fame badges, without Deep Hooks, Pick And Roller, Steady Shooter, Box and Worm. He has every shooting badges except Steady shooter and every play-making badges in HOF. He has 99 almost in every state, Kobe Bryant on very quick, Pro 2 size up packages and quick dribble style. This invincible Kobe Bryant card is in the top 3 best cards in NBA 2K21.


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