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nba 2k16 guide: how to throw alley-oops

Date: 12/25/2015 11:27:11 AM

there are lots of changes in nba 2k16. the controls changes very much comparing to 2k15. here we will teach you how to throw alley-oops in nba 2k16 in the match. last year required a more complex method, but this year only requires a double-tap of the same face button for alley-oops.

nba 2k16 alley-oop guide.jpg

one of the new changes in nba 2k16 is the way you execute an alley-oop. anyone who has played the nba 2k series a lot over the last few years knows that this play is one that could be spammed in the past, but recent changes to the mechanics have helped to balance the mildly risky but thrilling play in the game.

it’s not hard for you to throw a nice alley-ooy. here is the control guide.

if you’re on xb1, you can double-tap the y button. users on the PS 4 can double-tap the triangle button to throw alley-oops.

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