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nba2k16 mt mode: myteam tips and tricks introduction

Date: 12/24/2015 5:50:11 PM

nba 2k16 mt ultimate team mode is the most real one all the top nba players want to set up the team; in mc and mp modes, you may never be able to get the players u wanted easily like mt. here buynba2kmt will introduce a variety of tips and tricks introduction.

1.myteam personality

2k16 mt: more selective based on in 2k15 ,badges/kits/score board /auditorium stairs can customize choose your favorite pattern or picture.


2. the new challenge mode

2k16 myteam mode: on the basis of the online 5v5, 2k16 added a new top player online mode 3v3,the team morale and strength will be higher with the top players, but also have an overwhelming advantage to win to get 2k16 mt coins.


3. team confrontational strengthen

2k16: added the new team confrontation on the basic mt mode and  more 12 new classic team under the premise 2k15 original classic team this year, an increase of more tricks ,of course the players pk confrontation strength as well.

4. incentives to improve

2k16 added more ways to mt coins (mt coins can open the player card and auction houses to buy top players in myteam mode).

5. player cards

the new player card interface, the player card grade copper, silver, gold, amethyst and diamonds. moment card added in in 2k16, this card represents the ability of the player got peaked at this moment. for example: stephen curry led the warriors to get win streak -(24 game).

6. new special items cards

new shoes card, each pair of shoes has three kinds of attribute selection, players can choose their favorite shoes and attributes. except news shoes cards, basketball cards added as well, including the team's ball, animal prints, or even a beach ball. you will also see the historic court, a free players, shirts and flags of europe league. can customize choose as your favorite.

other tips and tricks

a. players card has been redesigned, and can be compared when sarch from auction

b. you can search from your auction set to fill those missing players.

c. increase the number of collectors and more myteam players.

d. game cards reward better represents the best card in the game. you have to win them.

e. implementation team training.

f. added more formations and overall ratings. not need to open all packages, now offers a combination of 10 packages to the players to buy.

h. launch of all the new challenges and weekly challenges.

i. autofill player contracts.

j. buy cheap nba 2k16 mt

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