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NBA 2K21 Best Contact Dunk Tutorial - Contact Dunk Requirements, Badges, Packages and More Tips In 2K21

Date: 6/17/2021 3:20:02 PM

Contact dunks have always been a huge problem for most beginners in NBA 2K21. Because as soon as you get used to a go-to moving Mycarrer getting contact dunks to activate an extremely high rate, you can start dunking on people at the park whether it’s 5v5, 3v3, or 2v2. Here we bring you the best NBA 2K21 contact dunk tutorial for beginners, talk about the contact dunk requirements, badges, packages, builds and tips so that you will know how to do everything when it comes to dunking.



How To Get More Contact Dunks In NBA 2K21 - 2K21 Contact Dunk Requirements, Badges, Packages, Builds and Tips 

Contact dunks are special dunk animations when you posterize the opponent in the paint. Get more contact dunks in NBA 2K21, you will be able to elevate the game as a center, slasher, or whatever type of build you use. How trigger contact dunk in 2K21? Since 2K has made contact dunks more realistic and manageable, you will find it easier to contact dunk without interior defense. If you want trigger contact dunks NBA 2K21and don’t want to get blocked, this contact dunk tutorial is for you.


Best Contact Dunk Requirements In NBA 2K21

You have to utilize the Contact Finisher badge and utilize the contact dunk packages if you want the animations to get consistent. The requirements to purchase and equip the Contact Dunk animation packs are as follow:

  • Pro Contact Dunks: 70 Over, Driving Dunk 84

  • Elite Contact Dunks: 70 Over, Driving Dunk 85

  • Small Contact Dunks: 65 Over, Driving Dunk 85, PG, SG, SF

  • Bigman Contact Dunks: 65 Over, Standing Dunk 75, Driving Dunk 50, PF, C


Best Contact Dunk Badges In NBA 2K21

First thing first, when it comes to how to get contact dunks in NBA 2K21, the badges are playing an important part in the game. For the most necessary and best badges to get contact dunks are Contact Finisher, Relentless Finisher and a debatable Slithery Finisher.


Contact Finisher

Slashers who play below the rim finish contact layups more successfully while dunkers are able to pull of more contact dunks. The contact dunk package gives us a 20% chance of getting a contact dunk, every single tier of contact finisher is 15% on top of that, which is 35%. You’d better put Contact Finisher on the hall of fame because it gives you an 80% chance of getting contact dunks.

Relentless Finisher 

Relentless Finisher is another overpowered contact dunk badges in NBA 2K21. It improves a player’s ability to take a lot of contact by reducing the energy lost when attacking the rim for contact shots. Furthermore, it can make your contact dunks even with fatigue.


Slithery Finisher

Increase a player’s ability to slide through traffic and avoid contact during gathers and fishes at the rim. This badge is to counteract the negatives of the contact finisher because the contact finisher has a lot of negatives as a matter of fact.


Best Contact Dunk Packages In NBA 2K21

If you want to have a higher frequency of getting contact dunks, whether you are going for the big man contact dunk packages or just all of the contact dunk packages, you’d better have every single contact dunk animations possible, which allows you have more animations for every situation. Because there’s going to be different situations for where you are at and where the defender at that you are trying to dunk on. In addition, make sure to put Pro Contact Dunks and Elite Contact Dunks every single time.


Best Contact Dunks Tips In NBA 2K21

Tip 1

In dealing with triggering contact dunks, you need to have the ability to speed glitch. As soon as you figure out what’s the best way to speed glitch, it allows you to do more contact dunk. If you are a big man, you need to be running at the rim instead of speed glitch, because speed boost with big man is kind of slow. For guards, all you need to do is find the best speed glitch for yourself in order to do contact dunks.


Tip 2

For more details on the dribbling, if you want to speed glitch, find your go-to move to get to the rim as fast as possible, so you will be able to have much speed go the rim, then trigger these contact dunks. At the same time, try to make your dribble move to waste less stamina, owing to you will need much stamina.


Tip 3

The next step is triggering a contact dunk at the right moment. There is a circle at the free-throw line and a circle at the rim. All you need to do is going for a contact dunk in between those two circles, which is going to be the perfect trigger point to go for a contact dunk. Go down on the right stick every single time, hold RT, and go for the rim, that’s how you go for a flashy dunk.


Tip 4

As stated in the previous paragraph, the trigger point in between the two circles, it’s very essential to understand the fact that depending on where you are and where the defender is, it’s going to change the animations. Every package has different animations, for example, Pro Contact Dunks has 7 minutes worth. Elite Contact Dunks has 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Small Contact Dunks has 3 minutes, even Big Man Contact Dunks has 2 minutes of his own, In a word, the more animation packages you have, the higher frequency you will get.

Tip 5

Last but not least, you have to know what button to use when you know the trigger, you can use X to open the analog left, right, or down, but if you want to have the best frequency, going down every time, the truth is you have to know when to go for a two hand, a left hand or right hand.


Best Slasher & Contact Dunk Build in NBA 2K21

This is the best slasher build has everything you need and that gets you crazy contact dunks, features the best dunking, fast and athletic. Set your player in the point guard position and pick the chart with major blue with a little green tint in it. The main goal of this most versatile slasher build has 88 driving dunk, 79 three ball, 83 ball handle, which you can speed glitch left and right. 82 perimeter with lock takeover you will have 92 perimeter, you are basically a lockdown. Moreover, this is a balanced build, every attribute is in danger 80 and up.

  • Finishing: Close Shot - 88, Driving Layup - 95, Driving Dunk - 88, Standing Dunk - 82, Post Hook - 55

  • Shooting: Mid-Range - 81, Three-Point Shot - 79, Free Throw - 90, Post Fade- 59

  • Playmaking: Pass Accuracy 82, Ball Handle - 83,  Post Moves - 59

  • Deffense/Rebounding: Interior Defense - 45, Perimeter Defense - 82, Lateral Quickness - 79, Steal - 96, Block 32, Offensive Rebound 33, Defensive Rebound 71

Overall that’s the best contact dunk guide NBA 2K21 for beginners. If you need to buy 2K21 MT, is your ideal choice.

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