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NBA 2K21 10 Best Badges in Online Competition

Date: 6/18/2021 5:57:48 PM

6 18-1

The badge system of NBA 2K21 allows players to improve both offensively and defensively. The choice of badges usually depends on location and game style. In an online competition, every building should try to use some badges. In the current 2K21, badges can affect turnovers, controversial shots, and team takeovers, proving to provide the greatest benefit. This guide will introduce the ten best badges for your reference.


1. Showtime

 6 18-2

Showtime is a completion badge. When an And-1 or flash dunk is completed, it can improve the team's ability to take over. Just as this means, this badge will activate when an And-1 or flash dunk is completed.


This may be the NBA 2K21best badge for teams that want to be taken over as soon as possible. Allowing the entire team to take over can effectively determine the score of the game. Whether on the fast break or the receiving end of the air relay, this badge will add tangible benefits to the momentum usually provided by spectacular games.



2. Rim protector

6 18-3


The rim protector is a defensive/rebound badge in NBA 2K21 that improves the effectiveness of users trying blocks, provides unique block animations, and provides a successful block after the team takes over.


In NBA 2k21, the opposing team usually has at least one effective killer, and it is likely that it will be difficult for them to stop scoring by putting their feet and hands in the air. For those big men who pride themselves on being the team's last line of defense, the promotion of the team's takeover is just a good reward.


3. Choose Dodger

6 18-4


Choosing Dodger is a defensive/rebounding NBA 2k21 badge that allows defenders to manipulate screens more effectively. When the player is blocked in defense, this badge will be activated.


Whether the opposing team uses screens as part of their offense is a coin tossing question, but there is a reason why they are a major part of the basketball offense. Being screened (even a guard) can create a lot of space for the opponent's offense. This badge greatly reduces the impact of the pick and roll on the players.


4. Intimidator

6 18-5


Intimidator is a defensive/rebounding NBA 2k21 badge that reduces the opponent's shooting percentage when trying to shoot around defenders with that badge. This badge will be activated when the opponent tries to shoot, layup, or dunk near the player.


This is one of the best NBA 2k21 defense badges in the game, because it greatly improves the efficiency of the shooting game, and even affects the shooting near the defender. This is also useful on the Internet, where almost undefended organization shot creators can run quickly to get open positions and then jump shots like a cartoon style.


5. Dimer

 6 18-6

The dimer is an organizational management NBA 2k21 badge that can improve the shooting percentage of open teammates after receiving a pass. This badge will be activated when the ball is passed to an open teammate.


For those beloved "pass first" point guards or centers, such as Nikola Jokić, who like to provide rebounds and double-teams to open shooters, this badge helps accumulate assists. Considering how small the space for precise shooting in the online mode of NBA 2k21 is, collaborative shooting and passing badges to obtain a higher hit rate can generate a competitive advantage.


6. Unpluckable

6 18-7


Unpickable is an organizational NBA 2k21 badge that reduces the chance of stealing the ball from the ball holder. When the opposing player tries to grab the ball, this badge will be activated.


This is almost a must-have for any guard or winger, and their style involves a lot of dribbling defense. Unfortunately, NBA 2K21 makes opponents' steal attempts quite rubbish. Although the right time double-teaming or the proper position and timing of the ball-holding guard may cause inevitable errors, this badge will help deal with the other 12 steal attempts that the ball-holder may encounter in the game.


7. Range extender

6 18-8


The range extender is a shooting badge in NBA 2k21 that allows players to effectively shoot from longer distances without being penalized for shooting. This badge will be activated on any three-point or mid-range jumper.


Shooting space is difficult to obtain because many players have good defensive predictions and help side defenses. This NBA 2k21 badge allows players to release their inner Stephen Curry and shoot a three-pointer from beyond the three-point line. Since defenders are usually very cautious about three-pointers and dunks to the basket, long two-pointers may also be the secret best point for the shooter to score.


8. Hot Spot Hunter

6 18-9


The area hunter is a kind of flashing their badge in NBA 2k21, which can increase the gold of the area that the player belongs to, and the player can sign in their player card. This badge will be activated when making a jump shot in the hot zone.


Even if the perfect timing of the jump shot allows any flashing shot to enter, in online mode, even seeing the perfect timing may be fruitless. Perfect hit rate.


9. Slithery Finisher

6 18-10


The slithery finisher is an end NBA 2k21 badge that increases the ability to avoid defense while collecting the ball and ending in the basket. This badge will be activated when trying to layup or dunk around a defender.


When some players want to separate the defender and send them to the hardwood floor, avoiding the defender altogether can produce an easier shooting attempt. When the opposing team outflanks the inside, this is a good NBA 2k21 badge that allows the opponent to break down the defense on the way to the basket.


10. Contact Finisher

6 18-11

The contact finisher is a finished NBA 2k21 badge that improves the ability to complete a shot by defensive contact. This badge will be activated when trying to touch a layup or touch a dunk.


It's common to have a paint beast or other effective low-post defender on the opposing team, and scoring against someone who protects the rim is tricky. This badge will make the cut to the basket a more viable option and will require more effort and execution of the guard.


Overall, this is the best NBA 2K21 badge for players. If you need to purchase 2K21 MT, is an ideal choice for you.








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