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nba 2k16 mt mode:domination guide and recommended players

Date: 12/29/2015 5:16:15 PM

domination is one of the most interesting content in nba 2k16 mt mode, there is 1-3 stars ratings for every time of domination. how to collect full 3 stars in nba 2k16 mt domination and how to choose right players? these are confusing issue to a lot of players. today is going to share the guide to get 99 stars rating and recommend the best players for the domination, hoping to help you.

nba 2k16 domination.jpg

methods for getting 3 stars:

1, rely on post scoring mainly (note: the post scoring is not post up), press the l2 (lt) button while layup or shot, then post up released and complete the main action instantly; during this time, dunk is turned to layup, 5 coins will be added to posy scoring, the last addition to post up is more than 100 after shooting accuracy.

2, 10+ free throws goal can help you get more coins (three-coiners is not recommended), hit rate is very low when you face strong teams in the latter.

3, there are two foul strategies

a. use the substitute to do frequently foul when you are leading scores, leaving a player with fast speed to layup directly after kick-off. use the foul strategy once your opponent control the ball, you can get coin from rebound once your opponent lose the second free throw.

b. in the case of coins difference is within 10, use the foul strategy in the last half a minute of forth period and get coins of free throw, you can get 20+ coins in half a minute.

4, overtime is a last resort. it’s the most effective method when the coins is not enough. choose the fastest player to do fast break, directly give ball or double team on the defensive, it’s unnecessary to worry about the three-coiners from your opponent since the hit rate is very low.

recommended players:

novice stage

david lee, mason plumlee, tobias harris and the defenders with ability of perimeter shoot;

joe johnson, elfrid payton, jrsmith, kevin martin, ricky rubio and the players with tackling ability and breaking ability.

advanced stage

deandre jordan, paul millsap, al horford, eric bledsoe, gerald green, demar derozan.

the last stage

anthony davis, marc gasol, deandre jordan, john wall, russell westbrook, jason frederick kidd.

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combination of davis and jordan has very strong physical strength, is basically unbeatable to play inside, averaging blocks is most in nba.

james’s effective is better than durant’s, players in nba 2k16 need to rely on physical strength; so you’d better to prefer all players which has fast speed and good physical, but also has score 70+ dunk.

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