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nba 2k16 mg mode: players trading guide for stephen curry/lebron james/other superstars

Date: 12/30/2015 2:20:34 PM

nba 2k16 mg mode can allow you create all-star lineup, and how to transfer the top players to your team become the big problem. when you become a manager, how do you buy those top players to join your team? if you have encountered this problem (can not get any top player with any condition), then take a look at following guide for trading curry, james and other superstars to your team in nba2k16 manager mode.


lebron james: 2x4 stars players + 1x3.5 stars draft pick + jefferson + teague or 1x4 stars player + 2x3.5 stars draft picks + jefferson + teague

lbj is very powerful in nba 2k16 which need strong physique. he is worse than before on the offensive, but as the fast breaker and passer, he is the first active player with outstanding defensive ability, can shoot any time and do every other person dunks. the biggest drawback is his ability of free throw, only 71 rating.

kevin durant: 1x4 stars player + 2x3.5 stars draft picks + jefferson + lowry

the player with fast break and long shot, and his ability of three-coin shooting is very good; hardly get block shot from defensive player. his disadvantage in nba 2k16 mg is that speed is not fast and low power; his long distance flying dunks is one of the reason to be chosen by gamers.

stephen curry: mudiay + lillard + towns + 1x3.5 stars draft pick + 2x2 stars draft picks

if you watched curry’s game, you should know his three-coin shot is so fantastic, any place outside of three-coin is his area, his fast speed make the players off guard; more special is his layup always throw cast.

chris paul: 3x3.5 stars players + 1x2.5 stars draft pick + 1x3 stars player + 1x2.5 stars player + 1x2 stars draft pick

paul can throw any defensive player off, and he always can pass surprisingly assists; the gamers who like controlling guard prefer to play him for his suddenly accelerate and break-in.

james harden: lillard + thompson + stanley johnson + 2x3.5 stars draft picks + 1x2 stars draft pick 

his scoring ability is very strong, good capacity to foul; he has a good ability of post moves without ball, and post-up with ball.

in nba 2k16 mg mode all players with 90+ ratings can be exchanged according to this formula, when you try to change a player, you can look at the requirement of other side, then trade with him according to the actual players and draft right in the team. these players’ value and role is also very obvious in nba 2k16 mt, if you want to get them in myteam, buy nba 2k16 coins to be your best choice

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