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Quickest Way to Get 95 Overall in NBA 2K21 - How to Get From 95 to 99 Fast in 2K21?

Date: 8/9/2021 3:43:11 PM

The attributes will be maxed out when your MyPLAYER build is at 99 overall in NBA 2K21. There are lots of tips and tricks that can help you hit 99 overall in a fast way. In this article, we’d like to introduce the quickest way to get 95 overall in NBA 2K21, and the fastest method to get from 95 to 99.

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Quickest Way to Get 95 Overall in NBA 2K21 - How to Get 95 Overall in NBA 2K21 Fast? 

Before you get to 99 overall, the first thing you need to do is to hit 95 overall. Generally, the fastest way to get 95 overall is playing MyCareer, you can also play 5v5 Rec or Park as well. What you need to focus on when it comes to the 95 overall depending on what pie chart you chose, those pie charts are going to get you Hall of Fame badges in certain categories, including shooting, finishing, playmaking, and defensive. 

MyCareer Settings

Firstly, let’s talk about Settings. If you want to get as much XP as possible on every game basis, what is gonna make it that much easier? You want to play on a difficulty that's not too hard, Hall of Fame is recommended, it is going to get you the biggest bonus, if you can't play on Hall of Fame, go to Superstar, if you can't play on Superstar as well, go to All-Star. On All-Star and Pro was literally tuned to be making it easier to shoot, so if you have a struggle with shooting, that's probably what you should play on. When it comes to Quarter Length, you want to go as long as possible, if you don't want it to be too long, go around 10 minutes, but it is recommended to put it on 12, because the more minutes you have in a game, the more time you have to get as much XP as possible. You really want to take advantage of these MyPLAYER Nation games, these are going to get you double the VC and double the MyPOINTS, that's going to be badge points your bar like your main 99 overall bar, whether you're going for shooting, playmaking or defensive, you want to take advantage of these every single time.

Best 95 Overall Method for Finishing

What you can do is you can just keep spamming left and right and holding RT and it's going to give you a really easy speed glitch out of that, find the best way to speed glitch if you're isolated.  You just want to go for as many contact dunks as possible, now it's really easy to get contact dunks when you're isolating. When it comes to doing a pick and roll, you can combine that with getting playmaking badges, because sometimes the contact dunk is really mainly most of the time when you're doing pick and roll. It's really going to be more for lobs or if you want to do euros and stuff like that, what you can do when it comes to catching lobs and content dunks is around 15 contact dunks per game, for finishing just go for a euro, a floater or anything like that and you don't want to miss those are based off makes and misses, so you want to make sure that you take advantage of that. 

Another thing is when it comes to the fast breaks, you want to take advantage of every single fast break by throwing a lob to yourself or if your teammate is on the fast break, you want to spam so that you can get the lob. Contact dunks is the most that you can get, then is lobs, then it's like the miscellaneous, acrobatic layups, euro layups, hop steps, floaters, and any of that stuff. 

Best 95 Overall Method for Shooting

The shooting method is very simple, all you need to know how to do is speed glitch and quick stop. If you're a big man, it's a little bit harder, just pick and pop them, it's going to be a little bit harder to get open that's why you probably need to drop the difficulty but that's really up to you. The two most things that you get when it comes to XP is limitless range threes and off the dribble shots, whether it's a standstill three or a standstill mid, and then you have off the dribble which is better, you're gonna get more for doing all the dribbles than you would a standstill, if you do it off to dribble three and it's limitless you're gonna get double the points, so you're gonna get way more for doing it, that's probably the most you can do. The main thing that you need to understand is, you don't want to miss because the more you miss the less XP you get, whether you're doing an office dribble, a limitless 3, or whatever, you're trying to do, it does not matter, it's based off a make or miss system, you want to limit your misses as much as possible.


Another thing that you can do is CPUs, you can call for the ball, do a jab step, get your man off you shoot, you can do that every single time, it's gonna be really good, sometimes they don't allow you to do that especially on the higher difficulties, but that's a really simple and easy way call for the ball, jab step shoot, don't you have to dribble, just shoot it, that's all you got to do, just gotta know the timing of your jump shot at that point.

Best 95 Overall Method for Playmaking

The playmaking is a lot easier to do if you're a slasher, because you have the option of going up and throw the lob, it's way more consistent, it’s easier to get an open lob when you're going to the room too because they have to guard you and the live person. You're going to get a lot more turnovers, you're also going to get a lot more live assists, it's simple you don't lose anything on your XP for getting turnovers, the only thing when it comes to the XP, you want to make sure that you get a high teammate grade.

Another thing is just to make sure that you're getting as many lives as possible, you can call for a screen, but the main thing that you want to know when it comes to throwing lobs, why it's better if you're a slasher, you don't want to use the screen, you want to go the opposite way of the screen so that they just roll instantly and they have nothing with them, because sometimes when you do use the screen, they'll switch it and they'll play it really well and it's not as easy to get the screen off, so if you don't get them to be able to switch or you don't and you get your man to actually be able to get that reaction before the defender more than likely you're going to have an open lob every single time.

Best 95 Overall Method for Defensive

On defense you wanna be in certain sets zones, that's going to help you be able to play defense at the highest rate possible without losing stuff like for your teammate grade, so if you want to go for multiple badges at the same time, you can go with a half-court trap and just play somebody full court every single time and try to get as many bump stills as possible, but if you plan a two-three zone or a three-two zone, you're not gonna get a bump still every single possession, so what you want to do is go with a two-three, because if you go with a two-three, it's gonna not only let you be able to get a full court, but it's only gonna be two people at the top of the key, so there's gonna be fewer people trying to take your spots and take your steals and take your man, you can also have more space at the top of the key and top around the three-point line to be able to just fluctuate.


How to Get From 95 to 99 Fast in 2K21 - Fastest Way to Hit 99 Overall in NBA 2K21

Let’s get into the 99 overall method, it's really simple once you hit 95 overall. The first thing is still the settings, you want to have is Pro difficulty in five minute quarters, because you want to make it as easy as possible to get your takeover, and you want to have it as short as a game as possible because if you have it as short of a game as possible, it doesn't really matter how long the game is, so you want to make sure you have a perfect difficulty and you want the game to be short.


For the actual method, what you actually can do in these games when you're going for 99 you can literally just get takeover and then foul out, it's gonna give you 99 every single time, it's so simple and fast, it's the fastest way to get 99 after you get 95. All you really have to do is get takeover one time, foul out the rest of the game. If you don't really care about the VC and NBA MT, you want to get it over as fast as possible, just foul out every single time you take over you're going to get a 99 overall. 

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