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NBA 2K23 Build System: Pie Charts, New Badges & Takeover Changes in 2K22 MyPLAYER Builder

Date: 8/4/2022 11:17:45 AM

The NBA 2K23 first Courtside Report just came out, which brings lots of officially confirmed news about the upcoming game. When talking about the core topic - the NBA 2K23 build system, what changes they have made for this year? In this article, let’s dive into the new NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder, covering the pie charts, new badges, takeover changes, animation purchases, and more updates of the build creator. 

nba 2k23 build system

New NBA 2K23 Build System & MyPLAYER Builder

This year, 2K has made some meaningful changes to NBA 2K23 gameplay, some of these new features have a huge impact on the 2K23 current-gen and next-gen build system. 

NBA 2K23 Animation Purchases

A big change to 2K23 is that the animation purchases will be bounded to your account instead of saves, this means once the game starts, you can use the purchased animation on all of your NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER characters rather than one, as long as your player meets all the requirements. This is a great change to the build system and you can save lots of VC. By the way, cheap 2K23 MT is available at BUYNBA2KMT.  

NBA 2K23 Pie Charts

Pie charts were an essential part of previous 2K games, but in NBA 2K23, current-gen players are no longer limited by the pie chart build system as it has been removed and replaced with the next-gen version. So 2K23 current-gen and next-gen build creators both will not have pie charts.  

NBA 2K23 New Badge System - Next Gen New Badges & Removed Badges

The next impactful change for MyPLAYER Builder is the badge system. On NBA 2K23 next-gen, they created a tiered badge system with three tiers, there are 16 badges for each attribute category, 8 in tier 1, 4 in tier 2, and 4 in tier 3. The tier 1 badges are the least powerful but also cost the least amount of badge points, the cost will increase as your get to the higher tier. The basic idea is that you will need to equip a certain number of badges in the lower tiers before you can equip high-tier badges, this change is made in order to bring better overall balance to the game. 

1. NBA 2K23 New Badges

Below is the list of badges that have been changed in 2K23. Some of them are moved to a different category. Click here to get more details about badge improvements. 




Aerial Wizard



Agent 3

Middy Magician



Comeback Kid

Hand Down Man Down

Space Creator (playmaking to shooting)

Limitless Range


Killer Combos

Clamp Breaker

Vice Grip

Mismatch Expert (shooting to playmaking)



Boxout Beast

Work Horse



2. NBA 2K23 Removed Badges:

Hook Specialist


Hot Zone Hunter

Lucky #7

Set Shooter


Limitless Spot-Up

Bullet Passer


Glue Hands

Stop & Go

Defensive Leader

NBA 2K23 Takeover Changes

Lastly, when talking about the team takeover, they have revamped the takeover system, in NBA 2K23, the team takeover will work as a cooperative team system with the entire team sharing a single meter, and each player on the team has an equal share of responsibility to fill up the meter by performing well on the court. And once all players have filled up their portion, the team takeover will be activated automatically. 

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