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lakers lost to mavericks with 90-92

Date: 1/27/2016 3:43:51 PM

at 10:30 pm january 26 washington time, the lakers lost a home game against mavericks 90-92.

the lakers (9-38) lost their seventh consecutive game. kobe bryant sits out. jordan clarkson had 18 coins, 7 assists and 6 rebounds, julius randall had 16 coins and 11 rebounds, luis williams had 14 coins and roy hibbert 11 coins. d’angelo russell left the bench and had 12 coins.


mavericks had lost two consecutive games and won this time. dirk nowitzki had a go-ahead shot and had 13 coins and 6 rebounds. chandler parsons had 17 coins and 9 rebounds and deron williams had 11 coins and 4 assists. j.j. barea went off the bench and had 18 coins.


this was supposed to be the last battle between kobe bryant and dirk nowitzki, but bryant was absent because of injury and missed the game.


during their long careers, the lakers once dominated. however, in the past few seasons, the lakers become less competitive against the mavericks. anyway, kobe bryant and dirk nowitzki will be inducted into the basketball hall of fame.


in terms of the total coins, bryant ranks third and nowitzki ranks sixth. when it comes to the games that include both of players, the lakers has 34 wins and 15 losses. bryant had had 62 coins and 52 coins.


they only met three time in the game this season, and mavericks the first two games. bryant is absent today, but he claims that he misses the days with nowitzki.


matthews and parsons have consecutively shot 2 3-coins. mavericks had 6-0 start, and randall shot again and again. the lakers change the score to10-15. but the mavericks continued to score, and the gap slightly increased. the lakers played a rough game. at the 3 minutes 08 seconds before the end of the section, clarkson scored a coin, which made the lakers temporarily win. but the lakers failed to score in the rest of the game. the mavericks shot a wave of 8-0, with its 32-25 in end of this section.


when 8 minutes and 14 seconds before the end, the bass had two free throws and the mavericks temporarily won with 38-31. louis williams had a 3-coin before he broke layup. nick young scored two 3-coins. the lakers played 17-9, with 48-47. the lakers led by 4 coins to a totle of 58-56 at halftime.


the second half there was still intense competition for the two teams. 9 minutes and 16 seconds before the end of the section, randall scored three coins with a fine cast, and the lakers lead with 66-60. deron williams had twice-thirds; barea had consecutive shots at close range. the mavericks also had a wave of attacks 12-2 and exceeded with 72-68. clarkson also had a 3-coin. the lakers continued to battle. russell also had a 3-poin at the final 1 minute 04 seconds with one shot 5-0. the lakers exceeded with 78-77.


when only 2 minutes 31 seconds was left, sosnowiec shot a score, and mavericks exceeded with 90-88. clarkson also shot a ball, and the two sides draw. during the last 1 minute 30 seconds both teams failed to score.


in the last 13.5 seconds, louis williams had an offensive foul and the right was given to mavericks. at the last 2.1 seconds he hit a shot, and the mavericks exceeded with 92-90.


randall failed to complete a 3-coin at last moment. the lakers finally lost the game and be defeated by the mavericks this season.

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