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  • qq图片20230831212702 NBA 2K24 Badges Guide: New Badge Lists, Requirements, Badge Systems & How To Get

    Badges in NBA 2K24 are special abilities and boosts that players can earn to enhance their skills and attributes in specific areas. Today, in the NBA 2K24 badge guide, we talk about everything you should know about new shooting, playmaking, finishing, and defense/rebounding badges.New NBA 2K24 Shoot...

    9/1/2023 9:27:20 AM

  • QQ图片20230804152840_副本 NBA 2K24 Next & Current Gen Best Build - Top 5 Most Overpowered Builds In 2K24

    The release of NBA 2K24 is right around the corner on September 8. We are going to know the NBA 2K24 MyPLAYER builder by at least August 29. Then we’re left to wonder what exactly is 2K going to do with this builder. Are they going with NBA 2K23 where we had to do all types of builds? Or they going ...

    8/3/2023 5:27:21 PM

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