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exposure harden push rocket fired mchale requirements morey trading warcraft

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february 26 news reports from cbs reporter ken berger, said informed sources, james - harden rockets fired at the beginning of the season, kevin - mchale instigator.

in the nba, the team the right to speak and influence management decisions superstar becomes bigger and bigger. in 2012, stan - van gundy bao liu said, when dwight - howard, the magic management will claim

its dismissal. acting on this season harden first asked general manager darrell - morey fired coach kevin mchale, and later want to howard traded.

harden said: "in the team, the star players should have some right to speak clearly, the boss is the ultimate decision-makers and the general manager, but the star players should have the right to speak if you are a star.

player you every night trying to lead the team, i think the situation should be. "

morey meet the first requirement harden - after 4-7 bad start, mchale was fired. the requirements away "warcraft", but unfortunately the rockets can not complete the transaction at the trade deadline, because morey unsatisfactory offer.

"it's the rockets locker room is really bad," one official said, "if everyone knows harden can fire you or trade you, you are willing to pass the ball to howard, or harden?"

"bearded" rockets management influence, reminiscent of january this year, was ranked first in the eastern part of the cavs unexpectedly fired coach david - blatter. later, the cavaliers total

manager david - griffin insisted that this decision and lebron - james irrelevant; james himself to deny. is this real? one rival executive said: "? are you kidding me think someone will believe it?"

this is the status of the nba superstar's influence on the team, not only reflected in the game ......

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