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bismack biyombo pulls down 25 rebounds, the most in raptors' history

Date: 3/18/2016 11:53:24 AM

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the raptors beats the pacers 101-94. raptors center biyombo(in nba 2k16 mt prices:ps4 2900 mt,xb1 1900 mt) played well, scoring 6 coins and 25 rebounds and making double figures in two consecutive games. the 25 rebounds not only broke biyombo personal single-game rebounding record, but also breaking the raptors single-game rebounding record in history. the previous record belonged to the former raptors player donyell marshall who pulled down 24 rebounds in the game against the bulls on february 17, 2004.

nba 2k16 74 bismack biyombonba 2k16 82 jonas valanciunas

in this game, biyombo replaced the injured jonas valančiūnas(in nba 2k16 mt prices:ps4 2550 mt,xb1 6100 mt) as the starting center. including this ball, it is 20 times biyombo this season as the starting center. over the past 19 hit starting the game, biyombo averaged 6.6 coins and 11.6 rebounds.

facing pacers' jordan hill(in nba 2k16 mt prices:ps4 4050 mt,xb1 2000 mt) and myles turner(in nba 2k16 mt prices:ps4 9950 mt,xb1 1900 mt), biyombo apparently occupied the absolute advantage on the rebound. hill and turner both together only grabbed 16 rebounds, while biyombo a man grabbed 25 rebounds. this record is also on the us social platform caused a sensation. there are fans who analyze the rebounding skills biyombo.

nba 2k16 78 myles turnernba 2k16 76 jordan hill

it is worth mentioning that these biyombo rebounds in nine offensive rebounds, and he made good use of these rebounds created many easy scoring opportunities. the game he scored 16 coins, also set a new career high score. obviously, this is a record night for biyombo.

this season, biyombo became the player in the raptors' history who has eight single-seasons win at least 500 rebounds and 100 blocked shots. up to now, biyombo this season has sent 109 blocked shots, averaging 8.2 rebounds and is the best performance of his career. biyombo also has excellent physical condition. he is one of the raptors squad so far this season is not a lack of three players.

last summer, biyombo signed a two-year contract of $ 5.8 million with toronto. obviously, this is a considerable value of the contract. however, according to terms of the contract, biyombo is a player option for next season, if he can continue to be so eye-catching performance in the absence valančiūnas this time. maybe he will opt out of his contract at the end of the season in the pursuit of a better salary.

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