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how to beat the warriors in nba 2k16 mt?

3/17/2016 2:31:38 PM

players all want to know how to beat the golden state warriors in nba 2k16 mt. this season, the warriors have 60 wins and 6 losses in nba 2k16 mt and nba. here are five tips to help you beat the warriors led by stephen curry.

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1. make more three coiners than the warriors

it sounds simple, but in fact, it is very difficult to achieve. in nba 2k16 mt, the warriors have  very high three coiner percentage, and our three-coin shooting according to their own feeling may be, it is difficult to enhance the overall upswing. it's hard in this one-third better than the warriors, but you must work hard to try. the most effective way is to purchase a number of nba 2k16 mt to have players of strong outside shooting ability such as the purple cards of curry and thompson.

2. run faster than the warriors

the warriors are currently ranked second in the nba rhythm of the team. they counted 102 rounds per 48 minutes of real time data. therefore, in order that we can have plenty of shots in the game, we must accelerate the pace of the game is the need to do things that accelerate the ball passing and shot velocity, it must be well mastered.

3. have an aggressive coin guard

teams that have beaten the warriors have seen this. players need to use a library that weak defensive shortcomings. allen iverson is very effective diamond card category, has pace, scoring ability, passing ability, but also a variety of skill moves.

4. force draymond green to shoot

green warriors offensive system is a key figure. when curry is double-teamed, he is the team's primary ball handler. green in the attack either reached the inside. you can also shoot from the perimeter. so we also have to spend to purchase nba 2k16 mt players a high defense, so that after the attack to solve the problem, defense can make a good limitation.

5. keep your players with long arms on the field

the warriors will use very misplaced advantage. when they discharge strongest team, the team with four out of five individuals can defend multiple positions. this lineup is not perfect. when your team has some of the long arm long hand, unlimited rotations of players, we have the advantages of building the strongest team in nba 2k16 mt to compete with the warriors.

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