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best nba players list led by curry; kd surpasses leonard

Date: 3/24/2016 3:47:10 PM

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list of nba best players features the best top 10 players these days. curry continues to rank the first players. kevin durant surpasses leonard, but harden drops to the 10th place.

nba 2k16 mt top 10 mvp.jpg

1. curry (golden state warriors)

player efficiency rating: 9.70 (1st place)

over the past two games, curry 3-coiners in just 21 shots. spurs and timberwolves two wars, the history of the strongest shooter shooting only 28%, which are the worst hit consecutive games this season. in fact, since march, curry 11 games, 4 games shooting below 36 percent, while his 56 games before, this case there have been a total of five times.

2. james (cleveland cavaliers)

player efficiency rating: 8.29 (5th place)

it is certainly questioned james ranked too high, but in fact, his performance was better than any one person in addition to outside curry difference. when james truce, or did not play the best state, knight is another team.

3. durant (oklahoma city thunder)

player efficiency rating: 6.15 (10th pace)

durant shot a beast-like performance, led the thunder played a wave-game winning streak. over the past three games, durant averaged 29 coins and also grabbed 11 rebounds and sent nearly eight assists. in addition, durant also successfully reduced the number of errors, which is a big change welcome.

4. leonard (san antonio spurs)

player efficiency rating: 9.26 (2th)

leonard spurs is definitely the best player, but aldridge recently taken up the more offensive team. this is leonard valuable coin, he does not need to become the team in scoring, but still be able to exert great influence to the game.

5. westbrook (oklahoma city thunder)

player efficiency rating: 8.56 (3th pace)

westbrook scored three consecutive games three pairs, but his shooting percentage is not too good, a little more mistakes. however, because of the recent record decline paul clippers, westbrook therefore return to list the top five.

the players who rank from the sixth to the ninth are paul (los angeles clippers), lillard (portland trail blazers), kyle lowry (toronto raptors), and aldridge (san antonio spurs).

10. harden (houston rockets)

player efficiency rating: 4.89 (17th place)

although harden defensive bad, but this week he averaged 29 coins and 10 assists. harden was unable to inspire the best howard. he appeared in 20 games over the past three turnovers. however, one thing is for sure, harden is very strong on the offensive end.

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