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nba season top reserves led by jeremy lin, more than six selected in fmvp

Date: 3/23/2016 2:28:07 PM

in nba or in nba 2k16 mt, if a team want to win, the team needs good starting lineup and good reserves. jeremy lin's performance as a reserve plays a crucial role in the hornets' final victory over the spurs. when the regular season ends, the media has selected the best reserves of the season. jeremy lin, crawford and other players are selected.

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pg: jeremy lin, charlotte hornets (nba 2k16 mt ps4 4500 coins, xb1 2400 mt)

nba 2k16 mt jeremy lin league card.jpg

although not the same as in new york during the charlotte hornets, jeremy lin, this season, he scored lin averaged 11.7 coins, 3.1 rebounds, 1.8 turnovers, play reversed the spurs, and he scored 29 coins.

sg: jamal crawford, los angeles clippers (nba 2k16 mt ps4 1700 coins, xb1 2500 mt)

nba 2k16 mt jamal crawford league card.jpg

when people think sixth man of the year, they always think of jamal crawford. of course, he does deserve such honor. although he is already 35 years old, crawford can help stand out from the bench.

sf:evan turner, boston celtics (nba 2k16 mt ps4 950 coins, xb1 2300 mt)

nba 2k16 mt evan turner league card.jpg

turner's data although it looks not so good, but it does not seem so bad this season, turner averaged 10.1 coins 4.9 rebounds and 4.5 assists, all off the bench this season, the league, he is to win 10 +5 +5 data most players.


sg/sf will barton, denver nuggets (nba 2k16 mt ps4 1000 coins, xb1 1300 mt)

nba 2k16 mt will barton league card.jpg

if you look at last december to january this year's competition, you will find this year's best sixth man is certainly will - jenson button, although was a bench player, but barton often become the team in the match. his athletic ability and the ability to make counter offensive make team even more remarkable.


c: enes kanter, oklahoma city thunder (nba 2k16 mt ps4 1550 coins, xb1 1700 mt)

nba 2k16 mt enes kanter league card.jpg

kanter played this season, although not a starter, but the games are played 20.6 minutes, he can win 12.4 coins 7.8 rebounds, three-coin shooting as high as 40%. if kantor data is converted to level every 36 minutes, his data even reaches all-star level.


sf: andre iguodala, golden state warriors (nba 2k16 mt ps4 2000 coins, xb1 3400 mt)

nba 2k16 mt ander iguodala league card.jpg

although iguodala data is not good, he can win season, averaging 7.3 coins 4.1 rebounds and 3.4 assists, but this last season's finals mvp for the team's role is indeed not be ignored, especially in the defensive end, when andre iguodala not in play, the warriors look a bit worse, his value is not fully reflected in the data.


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