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release date of the most exciting basketball game nba 2k17

Date: 4/8/2016 2:13:22 PM

the nba 2015-16 regular seasons comes to a close. i believe you all have been enjoying the nba 2k16 in different modes. when will the nba 2k17 released? and what will be the price? this time of every year, fans are asking the same question. will predict the release date of nba 2k17 according to the tradition. hopefully it will be helpful.

nba 2k17 zhizuoren.jpg

nba will enter into an unstable screening playoff race, western regular season mvp stephen curry to lead the team the defending champion, as well as keep a very high state of the spurs.

based on the experience, nba 2k games usually announce the exact release date in april and may, also released the cover star.

each year's new game will make some improvement and add new content such as the new "classic team". there will be new content for players to enjoy the career mode and online mode. predicts that nba 2k17 will be released in the late third quarter of 2016, i.e. the late september or early october. nba 2k17 is very likely to be released in late september. 

the game production should still be by the 2k sports visual concepts, and released by 2k games.

the features of nba 2k17 remain unknown. there is also no official announcement of any information. the development of nba 2k17 already began when 2k16 was released. let's wait what the new game has to offer.

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