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warriors have 72 wins,will 2k release top-level cards for all warriors' players?

Date: 4/11/2016 3:08:55 PM

the warriors beat the spurs, which ends a 33-game losing streak that dated back to the february of 1997. the spurs lost three games in a row. it is spurs first home defeat of the season, with 48 home winning streaks. if the regular season is counted, it is a 39-game winning streak. 

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warriors (72-9) have three consecutive victories, tying the record of the bulls 1995-96 season record, just won the last game of the regular season; they will be able to create new nba regular season record. - stephen curry went four nine three-coiners, scored 37 coins, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, and craig - thompson 14 coins and six rebounds, bradley richmond green 11 coins, harrison and bath sri lanka 9 coins.

the spurs (65-15) have a three-game losing streak first home defeat of the season to the end of the dream home victory shattered. lamarcus aldridge 24 coins, 10 rebounds, kawhi leonard 20 coins, 13 rebounds, and 5 assists, tony parker had four coins and four assists. manu ginobili 8 coins, kevin martin 9 coins, and tim duncan sidelined.

nba mvp of this game: curry

the field nba mvp: spurs on the field curry prevent sticking, the pick and roll rotations combined attack attempts to limit curry is scoring ability. spurs face high intensity defense, section curry scored 16 coins, 4-3 in the crucial fourth quarter contributed 10 coins, scored the game 22-13 / 9-4 coiners / 7-7 free throws to give 37 coins his win, and this is the nba career, curry spurs away to maximum coins. curry 39 times this season, the league scoring 30 +, three-coiners made this season, reached 392, an increase of nba career three-coin shot number to 1583, nba history third of the ranking list than mike miller ranked 19th.

after the game, the warriors 72-9 record has been tied the record created by the bulls, next nba 2016 regular season finale, if the warriors win the final game of the regular season to create a new record, 2k companies will warriors all the players offering top team in nba 2k16 mt unique card in it? if the sale of the team card sets that, they will have a single card or sell it? this time, nba 2k16 mt coins price will certainly increases, and then the card will be scarce. you must prepare enough 2k16 mt coins in advance. is an established seller of nba 2k mt coins. if you need cheap nba 2k mt coins, you can use coupon code "nba16" for 5% off, so you can have more nba 2k16 mt in your account.

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