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PS 4 network users experiencing dns error

Date: 10/22/2016 10:55:47 AM

PS 4 users around the world are currently unable to access online functionality and features on the PS network as the service appears to be down.


there are five main reasons why this may happen:

1. psn services now appear to have gone down in the uk, as PS network issues have been acknowledged by sony. sony has now acknowledged the PS network issues, updating the server status page to reveal that the PS store is causing psn problems.

2. psn appears to be experiencing more issues, as PS network seemingly goes offline for the second time today on ps4.

3. having recently been fixed it now looks as though psn is once again down for PS users looking to get online. dyn is suffering a ddos (distributed denial of service) attack, where hackers attempt to overload a site's services by bombarding it with traffic . the attack is causing dyn's servers to overload, taking the websites offline.

4. sony have now confirmed the new problems affecting the PS network today, coining users to its monitoring site for further updates. it's currently unclear what is causing the issues, it could be connected to other ddos attacks affecting sites, or more to do with the huge surge of interest in the infinite warfare beta.

5. the PS network problems keeping the psn down continue, with sony confirming that all online core services are down. this includes: account management, gaming and social, PS now, PS video, PS store and PS music.

PS network had been offline in asia and north america, but an increasing number of uk fans had taken to twitter to complain about the outage.

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