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nba's hack-a-shaq rule change to appear in nba 2k17 mt

Date: 4/22/2016 11:15:59 AM

according to the latest news on, nba intends to tackle the issue of the hack-a-shaq rule in games. 


"although we have not yet reached complete agreement, but nba is still going to announce it", nba commissioner adam silver said.

the specific rules of how to change it remain to be seen, according to vice president kiki vandeweghe.

in a referendum on changing, the rules of the union of two-thirds of the board members voted in favor. vandeweghe said 420 times last season for non-ball player's foul, which even exceeds the sum of the prior two seasons, in which half of the game from the first three quarters.

union experts said, in a season of 82 games, hack-a-shaq rule returns policy could bring even reach half the victory. for example, for the rockets, as howard and capella poor performance at the foul line, as they are often hack-a-shaq rule of the object, but the result is a fact, but 41 wins and 41 negative ranked no. 8 with a 42-win season 40 the difference between no. 7 negative season.

although the figures changed little, the perception and the duration of the game have changed a lot.

whether to change the rules in a regular debate is go to the players needed to train their free throws. adam silver said that in the past 50 years of data representation, free throw percentage has remained at about 75%.

adam silver also mentioned a story about chamberlain. the former nba manager rod thorn told him that chamberlain was a dominant center level, but is a bad free throw shooter.

"rod said if you had tried to foul wilt when he didn't have the ball he would have punched you in the face."

of course, this is not the coalition advocated, but it marks a change needs to happen.

"of course you cannot do that today," silverstone said with a smile.

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