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nba playoff 2016 first round scoring margins set the record

Date: 4/23/2016 3:41:19 PM

the scoring margins of the first round nba playoffs set the record, with one 38, two 32 and one 29. 

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if you think that the first round of nba playoffs lacks competitiveness, then you are definitely right. 

currently, the average difference in the playoffs this year, the first round to reach 17.1 coins, which is from the playoffs after the 1984 military expansion to 16 teams, the first round of the maximum coins difference on average, more than 2008 13.4 coins, 13.4 coins in 2009 and 1990 of 12.6 coins.

at present, this year's playoffs, has played 19 games, 14 games have coins difference reached 10 coins or more, including eight (42% of total screenings) coins difference to 20+ minutes of the game, including three games (16% of total screenings) coins difference to 30+ coin game.

during the regular season, a total of 175 games (14% of total screenings) coins difference to 20+ coin games, including 35 games (3% of total screenings) coins difference to 30+ coin game.

currently, the best team's record is 16 wins and 3 losses. of course, the less competitive team does not have the opportunity to play two games, but on friday, the raptors with 16 coins on the road and beat the pacers, thunder on the road is more of an advantage of 29 coins to beat the mavericks.

is there any uncertainty about the results of the first round of playoffs? well, based on bpi (basketball power index), predicts that on friday after a high probability of seed team win the series is more than 80%.

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