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best nba player in 20 years:nba 2k16 mt card tim duncan

Date: 4/25/2016 2:32:25 PM

the 38-year-old bryant has said goodbye to nba, while the 40-year-old rookie no. 21 duncan(150000 ps4 mt coins or 540000 xb1 mt coins) is still fighting for his sixth individual championship. in nba 2k16 mt, we have witness the too many cards of kobe, lebron, jordan. believes that duncan, the best nba player in 20 years does not receive the respect he deserves from 2k. top class tim duncan cards should be released.

nba 2k16 mt 03 tim duncan card.jpg

surpass bryant with 1000 career victories

kobe bryant fails to have his sixth individual championship, which makes his career less comparable to jordan. duncan continues to be advanced for this goal. if the spurs can win this season, can tim duncan surpass bryant to become the greatest player following jordan?

duncan is lucky. since he joined the spurs in 1997, duncan has been engraved with "victorious" of the mark. april 6, 2016, the spurs away to 88-86 win over the jazz, duncan got his first career victory in 1000. it is worth mentioning that, duncan's winnings all are based on the identity of the spurs players get.

it is inconceivable that, duncan realized winnings milestone, it only took 1389 games, winning up to 72%. he has thus surpass kareem abdul-jabbar and parrish, 1000 became the fastest way to get the player wins.

when it comes to bryant, he won a career total of 835 games, a far cry from the winnings. no wonder bryant always emotion, said in an interview, "a big regret of his career, and that is under the command fails popovich to play."

playoff victories only secondary to jordan

his military years, win shares duncan playoffs (ws) 37.8, second only to michael jordan's 39.8, opposite bryant contribution of victory in the playoffs, duncan is relatively backward in length, 28.3. although the value of this contribution to the victory of the data is not necessarily a golden rule, but also illustrates some of the problems.

nba 2k16 mt 03 tim duncan card ratings.jpg

super leader duncan

including this season, the total playing time in the playoffs, duncan has reached 9200 minutes, while ranking second in kareem abdul-jabbar, the playoffs; he played a total of 8851 minutes. taking into account the playoffs, the spurs still campaign, duncan's playing time will increase. for bryant, his total playing time is 8641 minutes of the playoffs, the third-ranked.

james is the only player that is likely to surpass duncan. his playoff total playing time has reached 7642 minutes. in full mode, zhan huang even beyond this season is expected to malone, ranked sixth history.

unlike jordan, kobe, magic johnson or larry joe bird, duncan, in his own way, interprets greatness. he has also been the rage, but now the stone, has reached another realm. he does not seek after fame or fortune. he dedicated today, the only means of their last strength, the spurs pushed to higher altitudes.

"if you don't want to give up, then you just change. prove your ability, or shut up and accept the reality. all good way to go downhill, failure is acceptable, but did not try to struggle over the failure is no excuse for zero. "this is the best evaluation of duncan's career.

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