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durant scores 41, westbrook scores 14+15: thunder even with spurs, 2-2

Date: 5/9/2016 2:45:14 PM

thunder has a home win 111-97 over spurs, tying the nba playoff series score 2-2. durant(nba 2k16 mt coins ps4 360000,xb1 mt coins 320000,pc price 16000000) is thunder's number one hero. in this game, he scores 41, while russell westbrook scores 14, with 15 assists and 7 rebounds, tying his individual playoff scoring record. the fifth game will take place in spurs' home court.

star of this game: durant rules the second half

in this game the first half, durant 12 voted 4 to get only 12 coins, but he struck the first blow in the second half, got 12 coins in the third quarter, in the fourth quarter but scored 17 coins, no thunder once again at the last moment collapse. full match durant shot 14 of 25 free throws 13 penalty 10, got flat playoff scoring record of 41 coins, but the presence of the efficiency values up to +17.

before the game: westbrook(nba 2k16 mt coins ps4 1100000,xb1 mt coins 410000 prices): no more low percentage shots

after two games before the series, westbrook seems to think little of their own shot, the ball too much, so the third game in the series with 31 shots in exchange for 31 coins, but the thunder eventually lost to the spurs. "i have too many shots." westbrook said, "let his teammates get shots, i must do better. i have to let other people involved, especially in the face of an opponent like the spurs. i have to let teammates we get more shots, i have to take responsibility. "

when only 9 minutes 53 seconds are left in the game, mills hit a jumper. the spurs still lead to 87-85. but the fourth quarter the spurs hit rate decreased significantly, while durant took over the game, he scored with a fine cast to get 8 coins, led the thunder go-ahead score to 93-87. after the spurs attack is still no improvement, but there is really nothing durant defensive end, left in the game 1 minute 30 seconds, durant third hit of the game to get the individual first 40 coins, the thunder have the score pulled to 108-97. this houweisite not in the third, westbrook counterattack succeeded the thunder get 110-97 lead. at this coin the game lost suspense, eventually thunder beat the spurs 111-97, the series always tying the score 2-2.

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