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thunder beat spurs to advance to the western finals,thunder vs warriors preview

Date: 5/13/2016 2:44:29 PM

with more 28 coins, thunder has a 113-99 home win over spurs, 4-2 in total score. the thunder will advance to the western conference finals. in the last game in their career, duncan and ginobili are likely to score 19 coins and 5 coins. thunder's durant and westbrook have 65 coins this game.

star of the game: durant and westbrook work together, making thunder unbeatable

with the sixth game in nba playoff series, us media coined out that if there is a binary thunder outbreak or both, that the spurs trouble came. in addition, the game, the spurs just suffered the worst situation, that is, while binary outbreak also led the entire thunder. game, westbrook offensive and assists have outstanding contributions, durant still unstoppable. only three games, westbrook will send 19 coins and 11 assists, and finished with 28 coins and 12 assists, durant scored 37 coins and 9 rebounds. in such firepower by thunder's double stars, the spurs finally is unable to parry.

duncan's last appearance in this career as a substitute in the second-half 

spurs first half was behind by 24 coins, popovich made an adjustment in the midfield, and that is to let duncan in the second half off the bench. we do not know what duncan was thinking at this moment, but he should be able to perceive, this may be his last game of his career. in this round of the series, duncan, an old filling, stops with the spurs western conference semifinals, he may not choose back. when watching the spurs a big deficit, when duncan looked at doing the last effort still trying to score, and hit the final whistle when, how much will the hearts of countless fans took one kind of sad feeling. howeve, this is the cruelty of competitive sports.

thunder vs warriors preview

nba 2k16 mt player comparison

thunder: 91 kevin durant, 89 russell westbrook, 80 serge ibaka,80 enes kanter,74 steven adams, 72 ander roberson

nba 2k16 myteam players thunder.jpg

warriors: 93 stephen curry, 87 klay thompson, 82 draymond green, 77 harrison barnes, 77 andrew bogut and 77 andre iguodala

nba 2k16 myteam players warriors.jpg

according to the cards of players of both teams in nba 2k16 myteam, the overall abilities of both are great. two teams both have scoring coins.durant vs curry prices 16000:18000 nba 2k16 mt coins xb1,westbrook vs thompson prices 3600:3700 nba 2k16 mt coins ps4.

thunder scoring average capacity is of 110.2, ranking second in the league; averaged 48.6 rebounds, ranking first in the league, averaging 23 assists and 10th in the nba, averaging 7.4 steals in 21 league, averaging 5.9 blocked shots a fourth league .

warriors scoring average capacity is 114.9, ranking first in the league; averaged 46.2 rebounds, fourth in the league, averaging 28.9 assists in the league, averaging 8.4 steals ninth league, averaging 6.1 blocked shots a second league.

today, curry has been back. he has the opportunity to return to the western conference finals 100%, all the players the warriors basically healthy; thunder in the case of the western conference semifinals is not optimistic about the start of the outbreak after the fifth, durant and wei west brook brave state so that they face the warriors have several bouts of capital. thus, the warriors vs. oklahoma city will be the scoring, rebounding and defense the strongest impact.

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