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nba 2k16 mt guide:offensive way s recommand to help you win

Date: 1/6/2016 9:46:51 AM

nba 2k16 is a a game for a lot of basketball fans loved, nba 2k16 mt, after field goal percentage is down ,effective offensive guide is become a hot top that players want to know; give you a complete set of nba 2k16 mt attack system and players raiders to help you enrich the game content.

now in myteam.jpg

build team ideas

first first there must be a very solid pg player impact inside, sg and pf choose the players good at 3-coiner ; inside try to choose a better player.

1. test the opponent’s offensive and defensive manner, limit the opponent's play by the players and tactics targeted 

2. determine your own offensive and defensive habits way through players, and then alterations on the basis of the lineup.

four common ways to attack

1. isolation

this attack is the need to be proficient players use extraordinary extraordinary change direction. on the left the court will automatically become the right ball, the opposite right hand so that the direction of rotation of the rocker according to dribble rt (r2)you can go directly to the penalty area.more use of jump, after the players rushed into the penalty area, the first reaction of many people will think that you would choose rt + x (r2 + □), we can do a few fake shot inside the area, cheat the opponent take off the cap to make him foul.

2. pick and roll

after the pick and roll in, the other side has double-team came to find space to put the ball on a shot form; if it is such aldridge thirds players when pick and roll,u can press r1(rb),it will not follow you run into the box and he would pick and roll to the outside of the ball shooting.

3. back attack

nba 2k16 mt back shot and field goal percentage, you can choose to switch into a dunk or a foul lie.back attack is certainly best choice when we did not  get through or the time is over of the competition.

4. double screen

pf and c positions dragged out to you the pick and roll, if you guard is such a player like kyrie irving , you can shoot three-coiners or trying to bypass the two players inside layup charge

summary, in nba 2k16 mt mode, the open shots hit rate higher than the average time, inside scoring ability have reliable than any other ways, so made foul within the zone will be the mainstream play, identify the opponents offensive and defensive way can easily enter their venues. you must have your own offensive and defensive thinking, on the basis to select the players, when you need to nba 2k16 mt, select the platform in to buy cheap 2k16 coins, you can use the coupon "nba16" enjoy a 5% discount .

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