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nba 2k16 mycareer mode guide on connections and rewards

Date: 5/14/2016 11:47:00 AM

what are nba 2k16 mycareer mode connections and rewards? many players have little idea about them. here would like to share with you a guide on mycareer mode connections and rewards. hopefully it will be helpful to players. many players have been confused with the mycareer mode connections and rewards. the following guide will help.

firstly, we'd like to make it clear that it is limited to players who basically never been trained or have endorsements. it takes three seasons to complete the connection. most rewards are revealed, so we only focus on the hidden ones.

griffin: photo, signed jersey, unlocks kia ceo

anthony: shoe, signed jersey, unlocks spike lee; spike lee: 2000vc, shoe, signed jersey, unlocks jordan; jordan: jordan's dunk package, signed jersey, jordan stadium

o'neill: signed jersey, unlocks wade; wade: action before hanging box, shoe, signed jersey, unlocks james; james: action before shaking his head, shoe, signed jersey

mcgrady: rocket away jersey, unlocks yao; yao: chinese rocket away jersey, unlocks olajuwon; olajuwon: wrist brace, signed jersey

camp: sonics away jersey, unlocks payton; payton: sonics home jersey, signed jersey

julius owen: signed jersey, unlocks iverson; iverson: signed jersey

bryant: shoe, signed jersey, unlocks magic johnson; magic johnson: signed jersey

deandre jordan: unlocks paul; paul: shoe, signed jersey

bledsoe: unlocks anthony davis; davis: photo, signed jersey

clay thompson: unlocks curry; curry: photo, signed jersey

howard: unlocks harden; harden: signed jersey

jimmy butler: unlocks ross; ross: shoe

westbrook: shoe, unlocks durant; durant: shoe, signed jersey

jabbar: lakers jersey, protective gear goggles

wall: shoe, unlocks adidas ceo

monroe: unlocks drummond

conley: unlocks marc gasol

chandler: unlocks nowitzki

parker: unlocks duncan

cousins: photo, signed jersey

leonard: signed jersey

hibbert: unlocks paul george

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